Television programmes to give you wanderlust this week

Simon Horsford
Bear Grylls and Anthony Joshua team up next Friday evening

Saturday October 21

Rick Stein's Long Weekends (BBC Two, 12.00pm)

The chef heads to Berlin, where history and the avant garde dwell side by side. A city that once made history with its divisive wall and Checkpoint Charlie now teems with an overwhelming array of innovative chefs offering delicious seasonal creations, such as pureed sunflower seeds, Jerusalem artichoke flans and crushed frozen pine nuts. Repeat

Visit Berlin with Rick Stein on Saturday Credit: ANDREW CROWLEY

Grand Tours of the Scottish Islands (BBC Two, 1.00pm)

Paul Murton continues his island-hopping odyssey, exploring the islands scattered in the Firth of Forth. He discovers these seemingly peaceful islands have a dramatic history of warfare, from medieval English raids on Inchcolm to the first air-raid attack on Britain above Inchgarvie. Murton learns about the strategic importance of Inchkeith's defences during two world wars before heading to the Bass Rock to learn more about the history of prisoners incarcerated on the island, with 160,000 gannets for company. Repeat

Rivers with Jeremy Paxman (Channel 4, 7.00pm)

The presenter explores the Severn, Britain's longest river, which flows through both England and Wales. Along the way, he visits the largest ship graveyard in the country, meets the last practitioners of an unusual form of fishing, and takes part in a coracle regatta. He finally reaches the source of the river, where he meets a local poet. Repeat

Wild China (BBC Four, 8.00pm)

Examining the heartland of the country, home to ancient structures such as the Great Wall and modern buildings like Beijing's Olympic Stadium, as well as animals including the giant panda and golden snub-nosed monkey. However, the region holds even deeper cultural significance as the land of origin of China's most populous ethnic group the Han people - whose 5,000-year-old traditions are increasingly under threat. Repeat

Explore Wild China Credit: Newmarket Holidays
Sunday October 22

Northern Italy Unpacked (BBC Two, 3.05pm)

Andrew Graham-Dixon and Giorgio Locatelli head to Lombardy, where they visit the Duomo and La Scala in Milan and are treated to a very private concert in Cremona. Repeat

Countryfile (BBC One, 6.15pm)

John Craven and Margherita Taylor present the show from Cornwall, where they attend a food festival dedicated to using every part of an animal, visit a vineyard with unusual origins, and meet a writer who is trying to preserve the Cornish language.

Colombia with Simon Reeve (BBC Two, 7.00pm)

The presenter explores the country as 50 years of civil war draws to a close in the wake of a recently signed peace deal. He meets guerrilla fighters who have pledged to lay down arms, but also discovers a negative consequence of their disarming, as the paramilitary gangs that control the drugs trade grow in power. Reeve travels through the country with coca farmers, who discuss the government support they will need in the turbulent times ahead, as poverty and land ownership becoming pressing issues. Repeat

Simon Reeve explores Colombia on Sunday Credit: HEATHCLIFF O'MALLEY
Monday October 23

Countrywise: Guide to Britain (ITV, 7.00pm)

Ben Fogle attends the annual Ennerdale Show in the Lake District, where he takes part in some sheep-showing and gets to grips with some Cumbrian wrestling, while Liz Bonnin heads to the River Nith in south-west Scotland for a training day with the river rescue team. Guest reporter Sheila Hancock returns to the quiet corner of the Dorset coast where she first fell in love with the countryside almost 80 years ago. Repeat

Paddington Station 24/7 (Five, 9.00pm)

Sunday's services grind to a halt when the 11.57 service to Penzance derails as it is departing, a knife-carrying passenger causes concern in Bristol.

Tuesday October 24

Ben Fogle: New Lives in the Wild - Canada (Five, 9.00pm)

The host meets Wayne and Catherine, a couple who have made their home on a floating island they built themselves, which sits in the aptly named Freedom Cove on Canada's west coast.

Landscape Artist of the Year (Sky 1, 9.00pm)               

This week the competition moves to the north east of England where a group of artists are challenged to paint the imposing steelworks at South Gare, Redcar, near the mouth of the River Tees. Originally built by the Dorman Long Company in 1917, the plant produced steel which was shipped all over the world and used for both the Tyne Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge.       

Are these the 20 best views in Britain?
Wednesday October 25

Great Continental Railway Journeys (BBC Four, 7.30pm)

Steered by his 1913 Bradshaw railway guide, Michael Portillo takes the train down the spine of Italy as he travels from Rome to Sicily. He begins by weaving among the capital city's landmarks on the back of a 1950s Vespa, before boarding the train south to Naples, where he finds out about the first railway to be built in the country. Repeat

Visit Naples with Michael Portillo Credit: getty
Friday October 27

Australian Wilderness with Ray Mears (ITV, 8.00pm)

In the Northern Territory, Ray Mears heads to Nitmiluk National Park, which boasts a landscape considered old even before the dinosaurs walked the Earth. The survivalist and adventurer flies over impressive rock formations and hidden waterfalls, and through towering gorges to witness a prehistoric site

Bear's Mission with Anthony Joshua (ITV, 9.00pm)

Adventurer Bear Grylls teaches the world heavyweight champion some alternative survival skills. The duo start off on the notorious Commando Ridge in Cornwall, where the boxer is tasked to make a 70ft climb up granite rock, alpine traverses and sharp pinnacles.

Travel Man: 48 Hours in Valencia (Channel 4, 8.30pm)

Richard Ayoade is joined by comedian Sara Pascoe for a two-day test of the mini break merits of Valencia, Spain's third largest city. After dropping their bags at the Hotel Caro, they set off along the path of the Turia river. Ayoade also enrols them at paella school to make authentic and vegan versions of the dish.

Valencia Credit: Copyright © TONO BALAGUER. All rights reserved/TONO BALAGUER

The World's Greatest Bridges (Five, 8.00pm)

Everything from its enormous size to its art deco styling and its unmistakable colour make San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge an icon of world design. Rob Bell explores the fascinating history of an edifice that people claimed was impossible to build, and those who created it anyway. Joseph Strauss was the arrogant showman promoting the project, while Charles Ellis and Leon Moisseiff were the mathematical geniuses behind the Golden Gate's cutting-edge design.