Turns Out There’s Only Four Personality Types In The World (And The Majority Of Us Fall Into One Category)

The world falls into one of four personality types [Photo: pixabay.com via Pexels]

We’ve lived our whole lives believing that humans are a complicated bunch. That each of us has our own traits and quirks and figuring us all out a job for the psychologists. Turns out though that there are actually only four main personality types in the world and the majority of us more or less fit into one of those four.

The four personality types are either optimistic, pessimistic, trusting or envious. And, according to science, most of us fall into that last category.

Researchers at the Spanish Universidad Carlos III de Madrid put 541 different people into hundreds of different social situations that required them to either collaborate or conflict with others. The team recorded their responses and fed the data into a computer to analyse.

The result, which was published in the journal Science Advances revealed that the largest group (30% of the participants) were defined as envious. Meaning they don’t mind what they achieve, as long as they’re better than everyone else.

Optimistic and pessimistic personality types scored equal, with 20% of respondents falling into these categories.

Last on this list is the trusting group, who are classed as natural collaborators who don’t mind if they win or lose. Bless the trusters!

Which personality type are you? [Photo: unsplash.com via Pexels]

The different personalities were defined through the kind of hunting metaphor you might discuss over a particularly pensive night out over a bottle of wine. Here’s the scenario: Two people can hunt for deer together, but alone they’re only able to catch rabbits, but which would they rather do?


An envious person would choose to hunt rabbits - so they are at least equal to the other hunter, if not better.


An optimist would choose to hunt deer - because it’s the best option for both people.


Pessimists choose to hunt rabbits because then they think they are more likely to catch something that way, even if it’s smaller.


These people are happy to co-operate and hunt deer without a second thought.

So come on be honest which would you fall into? If you’re anything like the majority it’ll be the envious category. Remember when your mum used to say “They’re just jealous” when you’d fallen out with your bestie? Turns out they probably were!

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