Turns Out Fast X’s Jason Momoa Loves Playing A Villain Who Paints The Toenails Of Dead Guys As Much As We Do (But He Still Has One Career Milestone Left)

 Jason Momoa smiles as he sits in a sunny setting in Fast X.
Jason Momoa smiles as he sits in a sunny setting in Fast X.

Jason Momoa has been working in Hollywood for some time now and has managed to make a solid career for himself. He’s played different roles, from the heroic Aqauman in the DC Extended Universe to the downright devious Dante Reyes in Fast X. He’s had much success in this sector of the entertainment business, as a number of his films have solid receipts. There’s also the fact that Momoa has amassed a strong following. Nevertheless, while the A-lister enjoys playing a villain who paints dead guys’ toenails (as much as we enjoy watching it), there’s still a career milestone he’d like to hit.

The 44-year-old leading man delighted – and horrified – audiences when he played the flamboyant Dante in the latest in the line of Fast & Furious movies (which we’ve ranked). Of course, his work as the villain isn’t done yet, as he’s set to appear in the upcoming sequel, which is set to bring the high-octane franchise to an end. During an interview with Variety, the Sweet Girl star was asked about the status of the movie. He admitted to not having seen a script yet but did provide some positive thoughts:

I put out my ideas and we’ll see where it goes. But that’s probably a ways off. That’ll be fun to do. It’s fun playing the villain. It’s wonderful to play the villain.

Such an experience is likely truly “wonderful” when you get to chew as much scenery as Jason Momoa did as Reyes. The antagonist, who went to war with Vin Diesel’s Dominic Toretto and his crew, proved to be one of the most bonkers villains in the Fast & Furious franchise. What probably still sticks out for most is the toenail-painting scene, which Momoa discussed and provided context for. He surely made a lasting impression on the flick, and one can understand why he enjoyed the work so much.

Despite his love for his most recent role and the work he does in general, there is something that the accomplished star still keeps in mind. He seems to be fully conscious of the kind of feature films he’s known for starring in. With that, it would appear that he’d like to change it up a bit down the line. He explained:

There’s some movies out there that I gotta go back to, and I’m sure if you did your homework, you’ll know what movies I gotta go back on. I’ve just never been a part of movies that — none of my movies are going to the awards. I’m not really that guy. So maybe one day it’d be nice to do one of those kinds of movies, where it’s a really, really good movie.

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Jason Momoa in Fast X
Jason Momoa in Fast X

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Many actors crave material that will test not only them as performers but audience members as well. So it’s totally understandable that Jason Momoa would want to seek out substantial pieces of art. With that being said, one could make the argument that he’s already achieved that goal. Momoa was, after all, a member of the cast of Dune, for which writer and director Denis Villeneuve received much praise – as did the cast. Considering the dense yet complex ideas that book adaptation captured, I’d definitely consider it a film that requires its audience to do homework.

Still, I’m hopeful that the proud Hawaiian actor will get a chance to cut his teeth on even more productions that are as interesting as the 2021 epic. Of course, I also look forward to seeing him hamming it in his buddy comedy with Dave Bautista (which is coming along) and the next FF movie.

Before that final installment hits theaters on April 4, 2025, you can check out Jason Momoa’s work in Fast X by grabbing a Peacock subscription. Also, any Max subscribers who are interested can stream Dune now.