Tunisian digital artist promotes women's rights

STORY: (Olfa Dabbabi, Artist)

“The thing I always wanted to do was to represent women in an artistic way. I always want to present their bright, brilliant, beautiful traits and for them to always be in a position of strength and this is the message that I want to deliver through my art.”

Location: Tunis, Tunisia

Olfa Dabbabi promotes women’s rights through her digital portraits

Her exhibition, titled ‘V like a Venus’

highlights the aesthetic and moral dimensions of womanhood

(Wala Kasmi, Exhibition visitor)

"I think the idea is very beautiful. We need female representation. As in business, we need women to become role models. Through her art, she portrays women in an imaginative way. When I see any of the paintings, I want to be in the shoes of the woman portrayed. So her message is great."

Having overcoming her own physical disability, Dabbabi hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams

“Dissimilarity is a beautiful thing, because I see it as richness and uniqueness for each person, and this differentiation is what motivates you to create more and produce something more beautiful. So for me, the difference is richness. I always say this, and it motivates artists to bring out the potential in them.”