Tucker Carlson Mocked After Delivering Most Epic Self-Own Of All Time

Fox News personality Tucker Carlson on Wednesday launched an attack on TV hosts who tell “lies” in order to “keep their stupid TV jobs.”

And critics say it sounds a lot like the right-wing channel’s star could be talking about himself.

Carlson, who has admitted to lying, attacked a new United Nations report on climate change that finds the world is rapidly approaching a dangerous temperature threshold. He suggested the fight against climate change is in reality a “coordinated effort by the government of China to hobble the U.S. and the West and take its place as the leader of the world.”

Carlson accused American TV reporters of playing into China’s hands.

“You take a collection of dumb, desperate people in middle age hoping to keep on to their stupid TV jobs, you add scripts and some hairspray, and they repeat the lies for you,” he said.

Carlson has been one of Donald Trump’s most loyal defenders on television ― but behind the scenes he admitted to harboring some very different feelings.

I hate him passionately,” he said in a text message uncovered in the Dominion lawsuit against Fox News, adding that he “can’t wait” for a time when he can ignore Trump.

Carlson has been roasted by Democrats and Republicans alike for a report in which he claimed the Jan. 6 rioters, who assaulted the U.S. Capitol in a failed effort to block the certification of the election and keep Trump in power, were actually just “sightseers.”

He’s parroted white nationalist talking points, and has been a prominent defender of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Carlson’s critics couldn’t help but point out the irony and lack of self-awareness: