Tube driver allegedly sexually assaulted young woman he'd locked in driver's cab

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Photo credit: Travelpix Ltd - Getty Images
Photo credit: Travelpix Ltd - Getty Images

A Transport for London tube driver is on trial for allegedly sexually assaulting a young woman who he had locked inside the driver's cab.

According to the 19-year-old victim, who had travelled to the capital to spend a long weekend with her friend, 47-year-old Nathaniel Cummings-Stewart approached her on the platform of the Jubilee Line as she rushed to catch the last tube.

Jurors heard how Cummings-Stewart allegedly approached her and asked where she was travelling before inviting her inside the driver's cockpit. Believing that the uniformed driver was someone to "be trusted", the 19-year-old – who cannot be named for legal reasons – followed him inside the cockpit and recalls that he smelt of cannabis. "It was strong, it must have been recent [that he’d been smoking]," she told the court.

Once inside the driver's cab, the teen claims the TfL employee asked her where she was staying, told her to remove her COVID mask and then turned off the lights. He then suggested that he came over to her hotel after his shift ended, saying that he wanted to "Netflix and chill" with her, despite the young woman telling him she was only 19.

Photo credit: freemixer - Getty Images
Photo credit: freemixer - Getty Images

Feeling "uncomfortable" the teen tried to text her friends but the message did not go through due to a lack of signal, Cummings-Stewart then took the woman's phone and insisted that she take his number. During the incident, the driver allegedly touched the woman's upper thigh whilst the tube was moving.

When the tube reached Waterloo station, the woman was able to exit through a side door and she told jurors: "My heart was beating really, really quickly; as soon as I got out of the platform I was jogging, my heart was pounding."

Speaking to the court at the trial, the alleged victim's mum said: "I knew something was wrong, she’s my daughter. I could see she wanted to tell me something. The way she looked, the way she was looking at me, her whole posture. She brought it up. She said she had something to tell me."

She went on, "My gut feeling was something had happened with a man and she’s going to tell me something that I don’t want to hear. She then tried to explain what happened.

"The first thing I asked her was 'were you raped' because that’s my first fear, and she broke down and cried…"

Cummings-Stewart has denied the allegations and told the court that he approached the teen because she looked like his sister. He claims he invited her into the cockpit because she seemed "distressed" and that she had told him she was being followed by a man. The teen denied this and said his claim "was not true at all".

The trial continues.

Cosmopolitan UK has reached out to Transport for London for comment.

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