Trying to avoid your local park? It’s time to try Strava’s new routes tool

Jane McGuire

From Runner's World

Trying to avoid your local park during the coronavirus pandemic, or a beginner runner looking for the best running routes around you? On Tuesday 24 March, Strava announced their new ‘routes’ feature - a new tool designed to help athletes find the best places to run and ride.

With over 3 billion activities uploaded from all over the world, Strava knows where athletes actually run and ride. Routes uses that knowledge to provide high quality route recommendations personalized to athletes’ preferences for location, distance, surface type (pavement or dirt) and hilly or flat terrain.

How can I find the ‘Routes’ section on the app?

Here’s the small print - it’s only available for Summit members. Summit members will be able to click on the explore tab, then explore routes. The app will then provide you with personalised routes based on your location. You can change how far you hope to run or cycle and whether you want to avoid hills on your route.

Routes is the latest tool to be announced by Strava, following a series of improvements to the platform, including complete integration with the Apple Health and chronological feed order.

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