Try This New Spin on Rotisserie Chicken

·1-min read


  • Clean oil barrel

  • Breeze blocks

  • Bricks

  • Metal spit

  • Firewood

  • Whole chicken

  • Butter, 250g

  • Mustard ketchup, 2tbsp

  • Sweet potatoes, 4 medium

  • Rosemary, branch


Don’t balk at the need for a barrel; spend a fiver on eBay and you’re set. Cut it in half lengthways to make a tray. Stack breeze blocks at either end and flatten the curved barrel edge with a hammer.

Rest it on your bricks to stop the hot barrel scorching your lawn (1). Lay your logs in the barrel, light and let them burn down to embers. Avoid charcoal – the smoke packs the same carcinogens as you find in cigarettes. Using wood will stub out the risk.

Skewer the chicken (2) and lay across the top. Turn every few minutes for 90 minutes. Rather busy yourself with the merlot? Buy a motorised kit (£40

For the baste, mix molten butter with mustard ketchup; apply to the meat as you turn. To finish, bury your spuds in the embers (3). Remove when soft, peel off the skins and stir in the baste for luxuriant mash.

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