Try This HIIT Challenge by Kayla Itsines With Weighted Lower-Body Moves

Kayla Itsines.<p>Gilbert Flores/Getty Images</p>
Kayla Itsines.

Gilbert Flores/Getty Images

Nothing gets your heart rate going in the gym like a good high-intensity interval training (HIIT) set. HIIT workouts are designed to raise your heart rate by alternating high-intensity movements with low-intensity exercises. Among the fitness gurus who design demanding HIIT workouts is Australian instructor Kayla Itsines.

She is known for crafting routines that are guaranteed to make you sweat. In fact, her fitness platform, Sweat, pays tribute to just that. Between combined treadmill and weighted strength training sets and her high-intensity sets on the mat, the 32-year-old really offers it all when it comes to exercises that are guaranteed to raise your heart rate.

Building physical fitness demands that you get out of your resting heart rate zone and embrace discomfort every now and then. That’s exactly what her workouts allow you to do. The personal trainer’s latest weighted lower body HIIT routine is no exception.

The set includes the following:

  1. Kettlebell swing (15 reps)

  2. Goblet reverse lunge (15 reps per side)

  3. In and out jump squat (15 reps)

  4. Alternating squat and lunge (15 reps per side)

With her app, you can get access to numerous high-intensity strength workouts, which include demonstrations of each move by the Itsines herself. Additionally, for those days when you need something a bit low key, she has a whole host of classes dedicated to low-impact movement. If you’re looking to up your workout intensity this year, consider subscribing to her app for $19.99/month. You won’t regret it.

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