Try The Finisher Alexander Skarsgård Used for His Ripped Body in 'The Northman'

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When Alexander Skarsgård was cast as Amleth, the protagonist in new Viking saga The Northman, he was already in great shape. Still, even he had to work to get his body into the kind of intimidating shape that would convince an audience he was capable of meting out violent and visceral revenge.

As his trainer, fellow Swede Magnus Lygdbäck revealed to us, Skarsgård's ultimate goal was to build mass, but there was still room for a little cardio because, as he says, "it’s possible that back in the day Vikings ran around with big bellies – but not our Viking.”

Below is a finisher Skarsgård used to prepare to play Amleth. It's only three moves, but don't let its simplicity fool you. It is a finisher worthy of a Viking prince, after all.

Alexander Skarsgård's Warrior Workout Finisher

Complete one to three rounds of the following circuit. Rest for one to two minutes between rounds.

Knee Raise

Grab a bar with your arms extended and your legs straight. Drive your knees up to your chest and tense your abs at the top. Lower your feet so your legs are extended and repeat.


Stand with your weight on your right foot and your right knee bent. Lift your left leg off the floor behind you. Now bound to your left by pushing off with your right leg. Land on your left foot, lifting your right leg off the floor behind you. Continue hopping back and forth. If needed, touch your back foot on the floor behind you for balance.

Deadmill Sprints

Jump on a static treadmill and hold the front hand support. Pump with your legs to start turning the belt. Sprint for one minute.

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