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Nicole Kidman

Nicole revealed that her two daughters chose her Alexander McQueen dress for the night – even though she wouldn’t have picked it. “I was trying all the frocks on and when I put this on they both jumped up and said “Mummy, you look like a beautiful fairy on that dress!” So that was it. I stopped trying on any of the others and said to them that I’m wearing the fairy dress to the Globes,” she told the Daily Mail. [Photo: Getty]

The truth behind the 2017 Golden Globes red carpet looks

Awards show outfits don’t just come together on a whim. These custom-made gowns take months of planning and fitting with celebrities having as much of an input as the designer.

The 2017 Golden Globes predictably saw lots of shimmer and sparkle. From Ruth Negga’s painstaking design to Evan Rachel Wood’s noble suit choice, here’s the stories behind some of this year’s most notable looks.

The most unique looks at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards

Emma Stone doesn’t have a clue who designed her Golden Globes dress