This Is the One Jacket Trend Worth Buying From Zara

Elinor Block
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Whoever has been doing the PR for the shacket recently really deserves a well-earned rest. This piece of outerwear truly came into its own over the past year, and it hasn't waned in popularity whatsoever. Type "shacket" into Google Trends and you'll see that it suddenly started to gain traction in August last year. The amalgamation of "shirt" and "jacket," it has been a great option for working from home and then nipping out to the shops. It's an in-between item that is great for layering and also just as good when you wear it on its own. It's perfect with a pair of jeans or leather trousers but also works with dresses. Best of all, of course, is that it's been made popular by the fashion crowd thanks to pretty much everyone owning some kind of version of this jacket.

While there's no doubt there are some expensive versions that have often caught my eye (Isabel Marant's will always be a favourite), there's one high-street store that has excelled in this area above all the rest: Zara. No, it's hardly surprising that this fashion monolith stocks this über-popular jacket, but it's the variety that it offers that's the real draw. Back in the autumn and winter, there was an abundance of thick, checked versions in dark hues of brown, black and blue. But now that we're in spring, with summer on the horizon, the brand has offered up a selection of overshirts in bright colours, which is ideal for our more joyful re-entry wardrobes. Keep scrolling to see the best Zara shackets right now, including some from the men's section.

Zara Coloured Overshirt (£30)

Zara Cotton Overshirt With Pockets (£30)

Zara Oversized Shirt With Pockets (£29.99)

Zara Textured Overshirt With Pockets (£50)

Zara Coloured Cropped Overshirt (£28)

Zara Linen Blend Cropped Overshirt (£28)

Zara Cotton Jacket With Pockets (£30)

Zara Coloured Cropped Overshirt (£28)

Zara Check Shirt (£30)

Zara Check Overshirt (£30)

Zara Check Overshirt (£30)

Zara Printed Overshirt (£50)

Zara Faux Suede Check Overshirt (£30)

Zara Oversize Flannel Check Shirt (£28)

Zara Rustic Overshirt (£50)

Zara Check Wool Blend Overshirt (£60)

Zara Check Overshirt (£30)

Zara Flannel Check Overshirt (£50)

Zara Check Overshirt With Contrast Collar (£50)

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