Which trumpeter was the first jazz musician to win a Pulitzer prize? The Saturday quiz

<span>Photograph: Julius/Getty Images</span>
Photograph: Julius/Getty Images

The questions

1 The Aralkum in Central Asia is the world’s newest what?
2 Which insect is thought to be named after the colour of one of its varieties, the male Brimstone?
3 Where in London is a 3.45 metre nude statue of Napoleon?
4 According to Leviticus, a jubilee marks how many years?
5 Which trumpeter was the first jazz musician to win a Pulitzer prize?
6 What was nicknamed “inheritance powder”?
7 Blood Communion is the 13th and last book in which series?
8 Which architect designed Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House?
What links:
Valencia; Zaragoza; Galatasaray; Barcelona; Chelsea?
10 Fredric March; James Mason; Kris Kristofferson; Bradley Cooper?
11 Barbie; bubblegum; coral; hot; shocking?
12 France (1582); Britain (1752); Russia (1918); Saudi Arabia (2016)?
13 Nob; Telegraph; Russian; Rincon; Twin Peaks?
14 Abba; Whitney Houston; Tupac; Roy Orbison; Buddy Holly?
15 Golden ratio; pi; e; square root of two?

The answers

1 Desert (in place of the Aral Sea).
2 Butterfly.
3 Apsley House (by Antonio Canova).
4 Fifty.
5 Wynton Marsalis.
6 Arsenic.
7 Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

8 Edwin Lutyens.
9 Beat Arsenal in European club football finals.
10 Male leads in A Star Is Born: 1937; 1954; 1976; 2018.
11 Shades of pink.
12 Adoption of Gregorian calendar.
13 Hills in San Francisco.
14 Performed in virtual form.
15 Irrational numbers.