Trump shares vague doctor's note saying his overall health is 'excellent' and that he lost weight

Donald Trump standing behind a podium at a campaign event wearing a MAGA hat.
Former President Donald Trump gives remarks at the South Texas International airport on November 19, 2023 in Edinburg, Texas.Michael Gonzalez/Getty Images
  • Trump posted a doctor's note on Truth Social saying he's in "excellent" overall health.

  • The note said Trump lost weight by dieting and exercising and praised his cognitive exam results.

  • The doctor didn't mention specific mental or physical screenings conducted on the former president.

Donald Trump on Monday posted a doctor's note on Truth Social praising his recent weight loss and declaring the former president to be in "excellent" overall health.

The note, written by New Jersey family physician Bruce Aronwald says Trump has undergone "several comprehensive examinations" to give him a clean bill of health, but the note does not specify any specific mental or physical tests that were conducted.

Aronwald holds a degree in Osteopathic Medicine, which is a holistic approach to medicine based on "little more than a pseudoscience," per Forbes.

The origins of osteopathic medicine began with the belief that manipulating the skeleton via massage could cure disease, the outlet reported. It has since expanded to include legitimate medical practices, though it is still regarded with skepticism by traditional medical doctors.

"His physical exams were well within the normal range and his cognitive exams were exceptional," Aronwald's note reads. "In addition, his most recent extensive laboratory analysis remains well within normal limits and was even more favorable than prior testing in some of the most significant parameters, most likely secondary to weight reduction."

The note goes on to add that Trump has lost weight through an "improved diet" and "continued daily physical activity." His cancer screenings are also clear, per Aronwald.

The former president's weight has been the subject of scrutiny for many years and has made headlines again recently after he self-reported that he weighed 215 pounds when booked to the Fulton County Jail in August. Months prior, in an April booking in New York, he reported he weighed 240 pounds.

As president, he was prescribed blood pressure medication, as well as a regular Aspirin regimen for heart health. No medications were recorded in Aronwald's note.

Representatives for Trump's 2024 presidential campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Business Insider.

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