Troye Sivan Shares How a Lifelong Obsession with Home Inspired His First Fragrance Collection (Exclusive)

The "Rush" singer chatted with PEOPLE about his line, Tsu Lange Yor, his accidentally famous house, and the trouble with sleepovers

Troye Sivan has always been a homebody.

Casual listeners could be excused for thinking otherwise based on his thumping, party anthem "Rush," the first single off his forthcoming album Something to Give Each Other (out Oct. 13). But, the Australian singer tells PEOPLE, he's had a lifelong passion for all things home, so much so that he initially had a hard time leaving his.

"I think I had my first sleepover when I was maybe 16 or something. Anytime I tried, I would always get my mom to come pick me up in the middle of the night," he admits. "I was so unbelievably homesick."

When he moved to the U.S. to pursue his music career a few years later, that feeling of longing evolved. "It started this push and pull in me between wanting to go and explore and work and travel, and also wanting to be home," he explains, appropriately, from his bedroom in Melbourne.

On the road, the The Idol actor, 28, would carry a scarf to drape over his bedside lamp to recreate the feeling of his childhood room, burn favorite candles and even travel with a color-changing smart bulb to "swap out the light in the hotel if I could," he recalls. Anything to create a sense of familiarity for all his senses.

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<p>Joe Brennan</p> Troye Sivan

Joe Brennan

Troye Sivan

"I think I've always been obsessed with [home]," Sivan says. His first album, Blue Neighborhood, is an homage to his hometown of Perth. And his current house, an impeccably decorated former factory in Melbourne, has a fan base of its own (plus, several hundred thousand views on an Architectural Digest home tour).

He joked in a recent TikTok that fans stop him on the street not to praise his music, but to tell him how much they love his house.

"[Home] has just been kind of a theme in my life that I've always loved exploring in everything that I make, and it's been really important to me," he says.

The latest incarnation of that exploration comes in the form of a collection of candles, fragrances (both personal and for the home) and practical sculptures called Tsu Lange Yor.

"It's a Yiddish toast and it means 'to long years,'" Sivan explains of the name. The phrase reminds him of his childhood growing up in Perth's Jewish community, and speaks to where he is in life now: "To me, honestly, that is just all I can ask for with my family. My older brother is having a baby this year and it's the first grandchild in the family. So we're all just hoping that this lasts a really long time."

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<p>Photographer: Lauren BamfordStyling: Sarah Pritchard</p> Tsu Lange Yor

Photographer: Lauren BamfordStyling: Sarah Pritchard

Tsu Lange Yor

The collection, which was a collaboration with his brother, Steele Mellet, includes three eau de parfum — Tsu Lange Yor, Pool and Luca — as well as candles and scented oils. The fragrances were created with Sydney-based perfumery expert Craig Andrade.

"It was just this kind of crash course on scent and fragrance," says Sivan, who was energized rather than intimidated by the the olfactory learning curve. "For me, that's one of my favorite feelings, to feel completely new at something and have to learn and grow and create under completely new circumstances. That's so exciting,"

<p>Photographer: Lauren BamfordStyling: Sarah Pritchard</p> Tsu Lange Yor

Photographer: Lauren BamfordStyling: Sarah Pritchard

Tsu Lange Yor

The collection also includes a sculptural dreidel — meant to be played with or displayed as an objet d'art — and several cast metal oil burners, which were a collaboration with Australian artist Joel Adler, and designed to be used with the line's scented oils warmed by a tea light.

Together the pieces evoke various facets of the artist's life and represent his homeland. Every element, from his collaborators to their designs and even some of the ingredients (including the world-first use of Tasmanian Mountain Pepper in a fine fragrance) have ties to Australia.

<p>Photographer: Lauren BamfordStyling: Sarah Pritchard</p> Tsu Lange Yor

Photographer: Lauren BamfordStyling: Sarah Pritchard

Tsu Lange Yor

"That's really what it's all about," says Sivan. "It's as much about the process for me of creating this as it is about the final product. And it's about collaboration and being inspired by the people that you're working with and being surprised. I want the creative process to be felt in all of these products and in all of these moments."

Tsu Lange Yor is available now.

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