I Tried the Viral "Facelift" Concealer Hack From TikTok, and I Have Thoughts

Jessica Harrington

I've been doing my makeup the same way for years - at least when it comes to concealer, bronzer, and blush - but even I started to second-guess my technique after every video (and I mean every video) on TikTok was telling me I was doing it the "outdated" way. According to the younger (read: cooler) crowd on the app, you're supposed to apply concealer only to the outer and inner corners of your eyes to give yourself an "instant facelift." But it doesn't stop there - you're also supposed to apply your contour and blush on your cheekbones (as opposed to the hollows of your cheeks for bronzer and the apples for blush).

Due to the popularity of this new makeup hack on TikTok, I decided to give it a try to see if it truly does give your face that instantly lifted appearance, but I was skeptical. Here's how it went.