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Lelo Tianni 3 Couples Massager, £129

Having never heard of it before, I fast discovered Lelo is a brand that anyone who has sex needs to be acquainted with RIGHT NOW. SAY HELLO TO LELO, PEOPLE. I can’t even begin to articulate how fantastic these products are, and I’m supposedly a writer. And if Lelo was a writer, it would be Shakespeare. For women who struggle to climax through just penetration alone – well, now they can with a little helping buzz from Lelo. They are all super quiet, made of the softest latex and come with pouches to keep discrete. The only weird thing is using the USB port in your laptop to charge them.

Tried and tested: The best new sex toys

Despite being a fully grown human who has sex and actually quite likes it (there I said it), I’ll admit, like lots of people, I’m not so great at talking about it. I blame my British upbringing.

So, being commissioned by Yahoo Style UK to review the latest sex toys? Even typing out that sentence makes me feel a flush of that trusty old embarrassment. However, not one to turn down a challenge, here’s what happens when my inner prude met the ‘best’ new sex toys on the market.

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