'I tried the TikTok famous Rose Inc cream bronzer - and I'm obsessed'

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There’s a reason why Rose Inc is getting noticed. Its CEO might possess anatomically impossible cheekbones and an enviable glow, but the real success of Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s beauty line lies in the science.

More specifically, biotechnology. The latest buzzword in beauty combines science and nature to save on endangered or overly consumed ingredients (like squalene; an ingredient once sourced from shark livers) creating ethical and efficacious alternatives.

So what is Rose Inc all about?

Focusing on clean active ingredients like hyaluronic acid and squalane (see our guide to the barrier boosting hero, here), Rose Inc works with biotech giant Amyris, the leading manufacturer of sustainable ingredients, to create bioengineered botanicals. The result: safer, cleaner ingredients from your skincare and make-up bag.

Not only is the beauty line sustainable in its harnessing of biotechnology, it’s also vegan, cruelty-free and the products are housed in refillable packaging.

Now, let’s talk about what's on the inside. Avid TikTok users will likely already be familiar with Rose Inc’s soft, glow-y formulas. So popular is the brand’s tinted serum, it has already amassed 194.1M views on the platform, while 'Rose Inc lips' has a casual 25 billion views.

Addressing the fact that most of us do not have the time to spend 10-stepping and contouring our way through our skincare and makeup routines on a daily basis, Rose Inc was designed to strip things back. To streamline your routine and deliver hardworking formulas in its place. ‘Time is a luxury, so these products create an instant effect with ease,’ said Huntington-Whiteley.

What are the best Rose Inc products?

Eager to see what all the fuss was about, I tried out five of the brand’s cult and bestselling products to date: the Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum, Satin Lip Colour, the Solar Radiance Hydrating Cream Bronzer and Highlighter, and the Hydration Replenish Microencapsulated Moisturiser. Here's how I got on...

Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum

Unlike any formula I’ve tried before, this contains pigment spheres suspended within a skincare base and infused with hyaluronic acid; it left my skin looking seriously smooth and radiant with just the right amount of coverage (I like a very lightweight base).

Top tip: though I'd usually use my fingers, you’re best off using the Number 3 Foundation Brush for this formula as it helps activate the microencapsulated pigment spheres and creates a more even-looking finish.

Satin Lip Colour

Combining the work of your lip balm and lipstick in one highly-pigmented swipe, this formula is truly a joy to wear. Enriched with vitamin E, the Satin Lip Colour ensured my lips felt comfortable and hydrated, while the rose-brown hue gave them that pillow-y pout for which Rosie is famous.

Solar Radiance Hydrating Cream Bronzer

While I worship at the alter of any cream blusher, I’ve never actually tried it in a bronzing formula. And I’m impressed. Loaded with squalane, along with antioxidant rich Vitamin C & E, rose oil, tourmaline and quartz, it has more skin-loving ingredients than my current serum. And as for the finish, it gave my skin an instant 'day at the beach' glow. Result.

Solar Radiance Hydrating Cream Highlighter

Velvety soft and hydrating, this highlighter adds serious glow – equating to the perfect finishing touch for summer months. While the finish wasn’t–whispers it–too sparkly, it was slightly more shimmery than my usual go-to (the ever dewy Westman Atelier Highlighter Stick, for anyone asking). That said, if you like a lit-from-within-glow that doesn't crease or look chalky, it does all that and more.

Hydration Replenish Microencapsulated Moisturiser

Cooling, non-comedogenic and lightweight, this heatwave-proof formula ticks a lot of boxes for hot days and clammy commutes. On office days, it felt light enough on my skin to layer under my make-up but still super hydrating to combat blasts of air con. I can thank the clever cocktail of ingredients for that: squalane, peptides, vitamin C and niacinamide, to name a few.

Final thoughts

Not your average celebrity beauty line, as TikTok will attest, these formulas are unique in their texture, finish and creation and offer a more sustainable routine thanks to biotech.

If you're after the golden glow synonymous with Rosie herself, I would highly recommend giving Rose Inc a go.

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