‘I tried the pube oil that Emma Watson uses for 10 days -Here’s what it was like’

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‘I tried the pube oil that Emma Watson uses'Taylor Hill - Getty Images

Back in 2017, actress and activist Emma Watson told beauty site Into The Gloss that she's a fan of Fur – an oil that's primarily designed for public hair. So. Is this procedure something that's worth engaging in? Do your down-there strands deserve a little extra TLC? Here, one writer tries the product out.

When my editor first asked me if I was willing to test out one of Emma Watson's favourite beauty products—knowing full well that I’m more than down to try just about anything—my first thought (and response) was: I’m going to need a couple weeks.

That's because I'm a person who gets regular Brazilian waxes. I've never really put much thought into it other than I liked how it looked.

So, in order to try pube oil, I needed to...well, grow some hair first.

So what is pubic hair oil?

Once my Brazilian started to grow back, it was time to stock up on Emma Watson’s must-have: FUR Oil, £44.

The all-natural product, which is supposed to prevent ingrown hairs and soften your pubes, contains a mix of the following oils:

  • Jojoba oil (for deep hydration)

  • Grapeseed oil (which has skin-soothing vitamins A and E)

  • Tea tree oil (anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, to ward off ingrown hairs and inflammation)

  • Clary sage seed oil (reduces inflammation and helps control oil production in pores).

It's also free of potentially irritating ingredients that could inflame your bits, per the brand's website, including phthalates, parabens, silicones, and artificial colours or fragrance. (It should be noted however that some people can get SUPER irritated by tea tree oil, so def test on a smaller patch of skin before slathering all over.)

The 100% natural oil, while designed specifically for your pubic hair, can be used on everything from brows and bush to head hair and leg hair—and, if you’re a Brazilian-lover like me, it can actually be used on bare skin, too.

Along with the all-natural, all-good promises, comes one specific rule: You need to consistently slather your bits (or wherever you’re planning to place your oil) every day to see results.

My pube oil experiment

When my FUR Oil arrived, I read the packaging, re-scanned the website, and prepared for my latest adventure in beauty. Since my bits were still re-settling into their own, I figured it was best to start off with the directions they provided for waxers (they also had usage instructions for shavers and pluckers, which was nice). So every day for 10 days, I used the oil after showering while my skin was still damp—just as I would with facial oil.

There wasn't anything hard about using FUR Oil. I simply massaged on a few generous drops of the oil into my pubic hair and the skin around it. It really wasn’t much different than my regular routine, considering I always apply lotion ~down there~. This was just a new way of getting the same soothing hydration.

I haven’t been experiencing ingrown hairs or razor burn lately (because, well, I don't shave) so I can’t speak to this oil’s abilities on that front. However, I can confidently say that after 10 days, it made everything a whole lot softer. Maybe it’s just me, but it even seemed like it relaxed my hair, almost giving it a straightened look. This was new...and I didn’t hate it.

Another thing I noticed was that my hair started growing faster. Typically, a Brazilian will last me for a month or so, but with the addition of FUR Oil, I found that my hair was already long enough to wax three weeks after my last appointment.

The product doesn't necessarily promise faster growth, nor do any of the ingredients in it really spur hair growth. It could be that because my pubic hair was straighter rather than curly, it appeared longer. Either way, I wasn't quite as happy about this development.

Another perk: My FUR Oil ritual turned my bathroom into a spa-like oasis. While the vegan oil is formulated without added fragrance, the natural ingredients do give off slight hints of lavender and lemon which simultaneously relax and invigorate. The light, refreshing scent was a great way to perk up in the morning.

My verdict on pube oil

After 10 days, I have to say it: adding this single-product, multi-purpose oil into your routine is a big yes from me. If you hop out of the shower and moisturise from head to toe as it is, why not give your most sensitive area a little extra TLC with a hydrating, softening oil that is actually meant to do it?

I'm not necessarily going to stop my waxing habit any time soon. I personally prefer to go bare. But I do love keeping my skin (and what little hair I do have) soft, conditioned, and healthier. And for me, FUR Oil is just the thing to do it.

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