I Tried on Petite Jeans at H&M, Topshop and ASOS—Here's What Actually Fit

Zoe Anastasiou

When it comes to being a petite woman, there are a few things I have learnt to accept. For example, I know I'll never be able to reach the top shelf of the kitchen cabinets or have a perfect unobstructed view at a music concert. I'm also well aware that riding the tube during peak hour will often inevitably lead to being squished between commuters' shoulders (or even worse, armpits). 

While I am perfectly content with my smaller stature and the compromises that are forced upon me, there is one thing I am not willing to settle on, and that is ill-fitting clothing. Standing at just 5’1’’, finding clothes for my size can often be a challenge. And although I'm happy to style an oversized blazer or slouchy knit from time to time, tracking down the perfect pair of jeans can be a very time consuming endeavour.

Options are quite limited when it comes to jeans for petite women, though there are a few high-street retailers that are managing to fill the gap in the market. From Topshop to H&M and ASOS, several brands have created dedicated petite options and believe me when I tell you, it has taken the hassle out of finding jeans. Unfortunately, more often than not, petite sizes can only be found online and aren’t readily available to try on in store, which can make sizing a little difficult.

With this in mind, I decided to track down a few pairs of petite jeans and offer my honest opinion, in an effort to create a curated list of the best high street options around. Keep scrolling to see my take on petite jeans from Topshop, H&M and ASOS. 


If you're looking for fitted jeans, these ones certainly do the trick. Made in a stretch denim, these jeans will hug your figure but still remain comfortable. The flared leg and high-waist also create the illusion of height, meaning my legs look longer than they truly are (which, for obvious reasons, is definitely a bonus). 

Topshop Petite Three Stretch Flare Skinny Jeans (£30)

It's all written right there in the title—these jeans are made to be oversized and, boy, did they deliver. If you like a relaxed fit and a wide leg, these jeans are for you, though if as a petite woman, you're tired of having to roll up your jeans anyway, this rolled-hem design might not be your favourite feature. 

Topshop Petite Considered One Oversized Mom Tapered Jeans (£30)


I think these might just be my favourite pair! Featuring a button-up design and vintage slim leg style, these jeans felt supportive without being restrictive. Not to mention the hem was the ideal length, creating a perfect cropped ankle jean look. 

H&M Vintage Slim High Ankle Jeans (£25)

This pair from H&M fit like a glove. These jeans were also a great length and feature 1% elastane in the fabric, meaning the jeans have a slight stretch for ultimate comfort. 

H&M Black Denim Vintage Slim Leg (£25)

Another winning pair. H&M have truly outdone themselves in the Petites department. I like my jeans to fit pretty snug around my hips and waist so this pair will definitely be going to the top of my wish-list. The high-waist and cropped hem also work to give this jean a very flattering fit. 

When it comes to H&M petite jeans, it's important to note that they are not available in-store, though after the three pairs I tried on, I can confidently say they fit true to size. 

H&M Vintage Slim High Ankle Jeans (£25)


ASOS has a very extensive petite section, so I knew they would have several options when it came to jeans. This kick-flare style was my favourite option amongst the ASOS jeans, as I liked the fit around the waist and the wider leg towards the hem. 

ASOS Design Petite High Rise 'Effortless' Stretch Kick Flare Jeans (£32)

It's not often that a cropped jean is actually cropped on me, but would you like at that tiny sliver of ankle. These jeans were a baggier fit, but still true to size and perfect if you want a wider, cropped style. 

ASOS Design Petite Recycled Florence Authentic Straight Leg Jeans (£32)

This pair was also designed to be slightly baggier and more of a relaxed boyfriend fit. Often I'd avoid this kind of style as I feel like it swamps me, but in petite proportions, I actually really loved the way these jeans looked.  

Collusion x006 Petite Mom Jeans in Dark Stone Wash Blue (£20)

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