I've Tried Dozens of Cream Bronzers, and These 5 Are the Best of the Bunch

If you keep up with the makeup industry, then you've probably recognized the shifting beauty trends over the last few years 一 and perhaps 一 you've even partaken in some. I know I certainly have. Four years ago, I was devoted to finding the best highlighter to give my cheeks an out-of-this-world glow. Before that, I was on the hunt for the best contour kit. Today, I rarely contour and opt for a natural highlight, if I use one at all. With new brands and entrepreneurs bringing innovative formulas and perspectives to the space, it's only natural that trends and preferences evolve.

My latest trend-driven mission has been about finding the best cream bronzer on the market. After a relatively slow year of makeup launches thanks to the global pandemic and WFH, it seems like people are finally ready to get back to their normal beauty routines - and the product releases are following suit. Many of these launches are cream-based, and considering how popular "skinimalism" and dewy skin have become, it's no surprise. As someone who believes that bronzer can pull any makeup look together, I was excited to lean into the trend and get my hands dirty testing as many cream bronzers as I could. So, over the course of this summer, I was able to test dozens of the latest products in the category.

Below, I'm ranking the best of the best cream bronzers 一 my top five picks 一 and sharing why they'll remain staples in my makeup collection moving forward.

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