I Tried Brightland's Awake Olive Oil, and It's the Only Thing I Cook With Now

As someone who cares about the ingredients in her food, it only took being served a couple Instagram ads to consider upgrading my olive oil collection. I was constantly seeing posts about these crisp, perfectly packaged Brightland olive oil bottles, with captions touting their health benefits. "Authentic olive oils. No fillers or artificial preservatives," one of the ads read. From a quick Google search, I learned that Brightland is a new direct-to-consumer purveyor of high-quality olive oils made in California. My curiosity was piqued, so I eventually got my hands on the Alive ($37) and Awake ($37) bottles.

The oils taste as elevated as they look.

The oils taste as elevated as they look, likely because of the handpicked, organic heirloom olives that are milled soon after harvest. From my first blind taste, I immediately noticed the bright, herbaceous flavor of the Brightland Awake olive oil, while the Alive one tastes fruitier and nuttier. I like the Awake olive oil the most, and I've used it for frying eggs, cooking crispy rosemary-infused potatoes, and roasting carrots. It has a high smoke point (at 410 degrees), so you can crank the heat should you need to quickly make something.

If you love finding multiple uses for your products, you'll be glad to know that the Awake olive oil is loaded with antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory benefits and are safe to use for your skin and hair. So bring on the at-home spa days and hair masks!

These olive oils make tasty additions to any pantry, so they're worth switching to them. Consider making the investment, and check out the brand's other products such as vinegars and candles.

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