I Tried Adele’s Weird AF Crisp And Condiment Combo And Omg… It’s Delicious

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Photo credit: Dan Kitwood
Photo credit: Dan Kitwood

In case you missed it, over the weekend Adele took to Instagram for the very first time over the weekend and it was epic. She introduced us to her gorgeous dog, she shouted out people’s names and she also revealed she loved drinking wine during lockdown. Oh, and she did play a little snippet of one of her upcoming songs… I guess the most important part, right?

But, if like us you’re obsessed with food, you will be incredibly happy to hear Adele shared a lot of secrets about her food faves and snacking obsessions (you can read more about that here). But one fact she did share kinda threw me off.

Adele revealed that she liked eating ready salted crisps with Worcestershire sauce drizzled on top.

Yes, really.

Upon hearing this fact I immediately messaged my friends to see if it was a “thing.” My suspicions were confirmed and none of them had ever tried this.

“I mean, crisps, cheese, and hot sauce are one of my favourite snacks,” one of them admitted.

But, I feel like I trust Adele on this one and off I popped to my local corner shop for a trusty bag of Walkers Ready Salted, and to cut the story short… GUYS THIS COMBINATION IS DELICIOUS.

Popping my crisps into a bowl I doused them in my trusty, well-loved bottle of Lea & Perrins and I tucked in. The result was perfection – with the Worcestershire providing the perfect sour/umami complimenting flavour to the saltiness of the crisps.

But before you go sending me hate mail saying that Adele didn’t invent this, I know. I’ve done my crisp research, and there are Reddit threads dating back to 2013 talking about this “genius” combo. One user even suggested eating a pickled egg alongside. Now that is genius.

My crisp-eating fact-finding mission also led me to people revealing other weird crisp combos including cheese and onion crisps crumbled into tomato soup, ready salted crisps to scoop up cottage cheese (yuck), or adding curry powder and paprika to your crisp packet.

But I feel like this is an experiment for another day.

Now, I’m going to stop you before you say, ‘WHY DON’T YOU JUST BUY WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE FLAVOURED CRISPS?’

I’ll tell you why, because the artificial taste of those pre-flavoured crisps really is nothing compared to this.

And for those who fear their crisps will go soggy. If like me, you eat them at lightning pace, then you’ll be fine. If you’re more of a grazer, just keep that bottle on hand and sprinkle a lil’ sauce per crisp.

Adele, I salute you. You’ve opened my eyes to a crisp and condiment combo I never knew I needed.

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