Tres Leches Cake Doughnuts Are The Buttery Treat We Can't Live Without

Uuuuuugh, get over here you gorgeous carby goodness.

Not that we need to be advocating anything this artery-clogging...

But. Just. Look. At Them.

Drizzled buttery goodness [How Sweet It Is]
Drizzled buttery goodness [How Sweet It Is]

Have you ever SEEN such a good looking doughnut? Plus, it's a doughnut with "cake" in the title!

Everyone knows the only thing better than a straight up doughnut is a doughnut with the gooey, buttery consistence of cake.

We recently discovered the How Sweet It Is blog, "for people who, like, totally love food."

And ever since, we've been on a rollercoaster ride, darting quickly between mouth-watering hunger, messy kitchens, uncomfortably full and back again.

Well, we think we might have offiically found our nemesis in these things.

[How Sweet It Is]
[How Sweet It Is]

The creamy glaze that you can see in the pictures is made up of three different milks (hence the "tres leches" name) - condensed milk, coconut milk and regular dairy milk.

And the cakey, dense texture of the doughnut means that the glaze properly sinks in - a bit like dunking your doughnut into a Starbucks frappuccino.

For the full list of instructions, you'd better head over to How Sweet It Is, but suffice it to say that there are no weird or wacky ingredients. Provided you've got a bit of nutmeg lying around (and the three different milks), the likelihood is you'll be able to make these scrumptious things from the stuff that's already in your kitchen cupboards.

The finished product [How Sweet It Is]
The finished product [How Sweet It Is]

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It's not a case of WILL you make the Tres Leches Cake Doughnut, it's a case of WHEN will you make them?