All the Trends I Wore as a Kid Are Back for Summer 2020

Zoe Anastasiou

When many of us reflect on the outfits we wore as kids, the term fashionable is hardly the first thing that springs to mind. After all, despite the fact that I was a fashion-obsessed child (who would regularly change my outfit multiple times a day, much to my mother's dismay), I'd hardly presume any of those outfits would actually hold up over 20 years down the track.

Though, recently, upon looking back on a few old photos, I realised that several of the trends I wore as a child in the '90s have resurfaced as It items today. From bike shorts to exaggerated sleeves, daisy prints to statement collars, the trending styles of 2020 are not too dissimilar to those that were in several decades ago.

Whether it's due to fashion's current obsession with all things nostalgia or simply the fact that trends go in cycles, I'm unsure. But keep scrolling for four trends I wore as a child that are back again for summer 2020. 

1. Daisy Prints and Sunflower Motifs 

From Kitri to Marimekko, many brands have reimagined the traditional floral motif this summer, opting to replace them with large-scale daisy and sunflower prints. It's a trend we're seeing flood our social media feeds and is not too dissimilar to the fun prints that were also prominent in the '90s. 

Kitri Tammy Floral Print Top (£75)

Eywasouls Malibu Cora Tiered Floral-Print Cotton-Voile Maxi Dress (£295)

Marimekko Häive Rakastaa Ei Rakasta Dress (£175)

Boutique Moschino Black Daisy-Print Skirt (£275)

2. Bike Shorts 

This season, bike shorts have become so much more than just an activewear style. Paired alongside blazers and button-down shirts, the item has shed its sporty-related connotations to become a mainstream trend in and of itself. 

Girlfriend Collective Bike Stretch Shorts (£40)

H&M Seamless Cycling Shorts (£13)

Arket Bicycle Shorts (£35)

Nasty Gal If You Could See Me Meow Leopard Biker Shorts (£6)

3. Exaggerated Sleeves 

Honestly, if you squint, you could probably pretend these dresses are by Cecilie Bahnsen. The oversize puff sleeve, the voluminous full skirt and the crisp white colour palette feels eerily similar to some of the most sought-after dresses on the market today. 

Cecilie Bahnsen Rita Open Back Blouse (£501)

Mango Ruffled Linen Dress (£50)

Rotate Puff Sleeved Dress (£255)

H&M V-Neck Taffeta Dress (£40)

4. Statement Collars 

It's hard to tell because of the poor quality of this photo (it was the early '90s, after all), but the top I'm wearing here featured a lace-trimmed collar with an intricate embroidered pattern. Today, It brands including Ganni, Miu Miu and more are creating similar styles for summer 2020. 

Arket Embroidered Poplin Blouse (£59)

Miu Miu Embroidered Silk-Crepe Blouse (£860)

Ganni Striped Cotton Poplin Shirt (£165)

Àcheval Pampa Evita Cotton Blouse (£210)

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