Trend Tuesday: The Latest Eye Creams Have Gone Seriously Eye-Tech

Trend Tuesday: The Latest Eye Creams Have Gone Seriously Eye-Tech

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It's very cold outside (rumours are whirring that more snow might be on the way) and we have to confess that our skin is kind of suffering. Well not just our skin, but more around our eye area. The combination of icy winds, long days working and not enough sleep are taking their toll and the eyes are the first place to show it. Well step up a new generation of seriously ace eye creams, all packed with hot new anti-ageing ingredients to combat wrinkles, under-eye bags and fine lines.

Trend Tuesday: The Latest Eye Creams Have Gone Seriously Eye-Tech
Trend Tuesday: The Latest Eye Creams Have Gone Seriously Eye-Tech

Bright eyes backstage at Isabel Marant and Balmain

Now it’s no secret that there’s only so much makeup can do for you. You can pile on the foundation and concealer all you li8ke but if your skin isn’t happy, it will show. That’s why skincare, in particular around the eyes, is so important. We notice this backstage at the shows where models walk around with the most flawless complexions and despite their numerous late nights and jam-packed days, always appear fresh and bright-eyes. This’ll be down to the great skincare they get their hands on and the right application. We spotted girls backstage at the Balmain and Isabel Marant shows working the ‘no makeup’ look and we were bowled over by how radiant they look with minimal makeup. On further investigation, Arizona Muse and co. fessed up to us that actually their no. 1 skincare product was a really fab eye cream.

You’ll have to read today’s issue to read all about the best new eye creams hitting counters this week but in the mean time we leave you with Grazia Team Beauty’s top choices:

Liz Hambleton, Beauty Director – “My top eye cream is definitely Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye, £37, because of it’s ground-breaking technology that not only prevents new fine lines appearing but combats existing ones too, leaving me with smooth and refreshed eyes that are actually tired and struggling – it’s a god-send.”

Lauren Murdoch-Smith, Beauty Editor – “A new discovery for me is the Sanctuary’s Spa Active Reverse Facial Peptide Repair Eye Cream, £18, which is not only a purse-friendly buy but sinks into skin straight away. It contains camomile to soothe skin and is helping me (and my eyes) get through these chillier days.”

Rose Beer, Beauty Writer – “I love Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment, £20, because it’s so light and nourishing and it contains avocado too which is a really delicate ingredient that combats fine lines and wrinkles.”

Angelica Hermon, Beauty Co-Ordinator – “Bliss Fabulous Everyday Eye Cream, £25, is my favourite cream of the moment because it instantly brightens the eye area and is in a handy portable tube to carry around in your bag for those uh-oh moments when dark circles creep up on you.”

Jordan Collyer, Beauty Intern – “I like to keep Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll On, £10.49, in my bag at all times. The caffeine in it gets to work immediately by banishing dark circles and because it’s in a handy pen dispenser, it’s super easy to use. I like using it on the bus on my way into work to arrive bright-eyes.”

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