Trend to try: Sombre hair

·2-min read
Courtesy of Nicky Lazou

In recent years, balayage and ombré techniques have been all the rage when it comes to hair colour.

However, there is a new trend in town - sombre hair.

Merging the words "soft" and "ombré", the look refers to a highlighting method which aims to lighten the locks in a very gradual, natural way.

"As the name suggests, it's softer than ombré but a little more strategic in its placement than balayage - where we place highlights freehand to give a really gorgeous natural lift," explained hairstylist and founder of Lazou, Nicky Lazou (@nickylazou). "Sombre is a perfect look for those wanting to continue the sun-kissed look of summer into the cooler months. However, remember that less is more and, while you can use bleach, you can also achieve the look with a tint to give a visible result with less damage to the hair."

But before making an appointment with your colourist, make sure your hair is in tip-top condition.

"As with any colour appointment, make sure that you really look after the health of your hair ahead of your colour and try not to apply heat for at least two weeks after," the expert shared. "Though less damaging than traditional highlights, the sombre look can of course still harm your hair - especially if your hair isn't as healthy as it could be. Chemical treatments such as perms, keratins, and if the hair is over-processed can mean that the balayage can damage the hair further."

Nicky recommends using the Lazou Nutrition Hair Mask for two weeks prior to a visit to the salon. Other great new options include Coco & Eve's Sweet Repair Mask, which is made with hyaluronic acid and fruit extracts, and Innersense Organic Beauty's Detox Mask, which uses kaolin clay and white vinegar to gently remove build-up and impurities from the scalp and strands.