Travis Kelce on What Taylor Swift Really Thought About Jason Kelce Going Shirtless at Their First Meeting

Taylor Swift finally got to spend a little time with Travis Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce, during Travis’ game Sunday against the Buffalo Bills. Jason’s team, the Philadelphia Eagles, were already eliminated in the NFL playoffs, making it possible for Jason to attend Travis’ Kansas City Chiefs game. Jason went viral for taking his shirt off and really getting into cheering for Travis and the Chiefs.

On their podcast, New Heights, the brothers addressed what Swift thought of Jason doing that and her opinion of him generally. It was a rare moment where Travis and Jason discussed Swift openly on their show.

jason kelce and taylor swift
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taylor swift and jason kelce
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Jason revealed his wife, Kylie, had told him to be on his “best behavior” when meeting Swift, per Page Six. “‘Kylie, the first day I met you I was blacked out drunk and fell asleep at the bar,’” he recalled telling her. “This is part of the charm. This is part of the Jason Kelce charm. I want to make my best first impression.”

Travis joked it was the “worst” first impression, then publicly revealed what his girlfriend thought of his brother despite it. “Well, Tay said she absolutely loved you,” Travis divulged.

Travis and Jason’s conversation comes days after a source spoke to Entertainment Tonight about how Swift and Travis have become more serious as a couple.

“Taylor and Travis are doing really well,” the outlet’s source said. “They try to spend as much time as they can together. Travis also makes it a point to make sure Taylor feels as comfortable as possible at his home. They have discussed their future as a couple and are excited at the idea of it.”

February is where Travis is putting his attention though, the source continued: “Right now, Travis is focused on Valentine’s Day and wants to do something fun and special for Taylor.”

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