Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes' Most Fun Friendship Moments

The dynamic duo — who've been tight since Mahomes joined the Chiefs in 2017 — knows how to make magic on and off the field

<p>Randy Shropshire/Getty Images</p> Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes

Sure, Travis Kelce's heartwarming moments with his big bro, Jason Kelce are unbeatable. But, outside his family, the 34-year-old tight for the Kansas City Chiefs end has a brotherly bond with his fellow teammate, quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Not only does the terrific twosome create electrifying plays on the football field, but they also create a hilarious dynamic off the field. From matching ensembles to clowning each other, here are Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes' most memorable friendship moments.

When They Won the Super Bowl Together

Fans got up close and personal when the two men were mic-ed up during Super Bowl LIV. You can hear both Mahomes and Kelce motivating their teammates to the 31 to 20 victory, which garnered them the W over the San Francisco 49ers in 2020.

And Then Did It Again!

<p>Christian Petersen/Getty </p> Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes

Christian Petersen/Getty

Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes

They followed up the 2020 victory with another one during Super Bowl LVII. Though Travis and the Chiefs were up against Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles, the 34-year-old admitted that he was in a win-win situation in some ways.

"He's my brother, man," Kelce said of Jason while on KMBC 9, adding, "I'm playing against a brother and I'm playing with one. It's a pretty cool scenario to be in."

When They Partied Like Rockstars

<p>Jay Biggerstaff/Getty </p> Kansa City Chiefs celebrating Super Bowl win

Jay Biggerstaff/Getty

Kansa City Chiefs celebrating Super Bowl win

The decorated Pro Bowlers were pictured having a good time while celebrating their second Super Bowl championship in February this year.

(And we had to say it: Get you someone who looks at you the way Patrick Mahomes looks at Travis Kelce.)

When They Twinned at the 'Quarterback' Premiere

<p>Steve Granitz/Getty</p> Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce Match

Steve Granitz/Getty

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce Match

It may not have been on purpose, but this twinning moment between the two remains one of the funniest.

For the premiere of Netflix's Quarterback — which chronicled Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota's lives as pro quarterbacks — Kelce and Mahomes accidentally showed up wearing matching mint-green suits.

"Wish it was planned,” Mahomes, wrote in his Instagram Story showing a shot of him and Kelce posing together above a photo of Twins stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito in matching suits, adding laughing emojis.

“Looks like you guys read each others' minds off the field too #Twins,” former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman chimed in on his own Stories.

When Mahomes Saved His Bro From Embarrassing Himself at the White House

A good friend is always there to save you from yourself. And that's exactly what Mahomes did for Kelce when the Kansas City Chiefs went to the White House following their Super Bowl LVII win.

After presenting Joe Biden with his very own Chiefs jersey, Kelce beelined to the presidential podium and began addressing the audience. "So I have been waiting for this—" the tight end began before Mahomes swooped in and swiftly escorted him off as the crowd laughed.

On an episode of New Heights, which he hosts with his brother Jason Kelce, Travis addressed the incident.

"Obviously, the president at the podium, it's iconic right? And how he usually addresses the nation, [he says] 'To my fellow Americans,'" Travis explained. "That's all I wanted to say, dude," he said through laughter. "I shouldn't have started off with 'I've always wanted to do this,'" he said before admitting, "Pat knew I was in over my head, man."

And Then Travis Hilariously Got His Moment at the ESPYs

Travis seized his moment when the Chiefs won for best team at the 2023 ESPYs. Right as Mahomes was about to make an acceptance speech on behalf of the team, Kelce playfully shoved him out the way. "Nah, man, you already took one mic away from me, you're not gonna take another," he joked. "I've got something to say."

When They Conquered Another Sport

Christian Petersen/Getty Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce
Christian Petersen/Getty Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce

During the off-season, the pair also enjoys playing golf together.

This past June, the two Chiefs took on Golden State Warriors' Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in a celebrity golf tournament titled, The Match. The Pro Bowlers continued their winning streak and defeated the NBA Players.

When They Opened Up About Their Meet-Cute

The strongest bonds are forged in fire and the bond between these two is no different. Apparently, the two knew they would get along swimmingly when they both coincidentally arrived late for practice on the same day.

Mahomes, who was new to the Chiefs found relief in that he wasn't the only latecomer, while Kelce, who already had a reputation for being late, was just glad someone else arrived later than him that day.

When Mahomes Spoke About Meeting Taylor Swift

<p>Jed Jacobsohn/Getty</p> Patrick Mahomes

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty

Patrick Mahomes

Since the genesis of their budding romance, Taylor Swift has been spotted bonding with all the people close to Travis, including his mom, dad and Mahomes' wife, Brittany. So, naturally, fans wondered if Travis' BFF had met the "Cruel Summer" singer.

"Yeah, I met her," Mahomes told reporters back in September. "She's really cool, good people."

The superstar quarterback then went on to reiterate the tight end's plans to keep the rumored romance private.

"But like Trav said, man, I'm going to let them have their privacy and just keep it moving," Mahomes added, referring to Kelce's comments about the future of his and Swift's relationship.

(A month later, Swift and Mahomes' wife Brittany would be seen doing a celebratory secret handshake in the stands.)

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