Travis Barker reflects on Kourtney Kardashian's "super hard" IVF journey

Travis Barker has opened up about wife Kourtney Kardashian's recent IVF journey, revealing that their attempt to welcome a new addition to the family has been "super hard".

Speaking to GQ, Travis said that the pair opted to go public with their experience to "help people" going through the same thing. Describing Kourtney's journey with IVF as "super hard", Travis went on: "You saw her struggle with it and talk about it. That's real."

The Blink 182 drummer also explained that as part of the process he had to provide a semen sample for an egg-retrieval procedure. "I don't care if I'm cumming in a cup, or whatever. It's real life," he said.

"So it's, like, relatable, you know?" Travis continued. "I've never been fazed by any of that."

travis barker on kourtney kardashian's
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Just a few months ago, Kourtney shared that she felt pressured to do IVF due to her age and that the experience had "taken a toll" on her physical and mental health. "I felt like we kind of got pushed into doing IVF," Kourtney admitted on the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. "If you look online, it says if you're over 40 go right away to an IVF doctor. So I felt a little bit pushed."

As for what's next on their IVF journey, the Poosh founder said: "I got to a place where I just felt exactly like how timing is everything with me and Travis."

"So, I feel like if it's truly meant to be it will happen. We are for now, done with IVF. We say prayers and hope that god blesses us with a baby."

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