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  • CelebrityThe Guardian

    Derek Birdsall obituary

    Graphic designer and typographer who was the art director of Nova and the Independent magazine

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  • NewsThe Guardian

    Flights from two Manchester airport terminals cancelled after power cut

    Outage causes major delays as officials advise people due to travel from terminals one and two not to come to airport

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  • LifestyleThe Telegraph

    The 11 best things to do in Ibiza

    While the foundations of Ibiza’s fame are largely built on its clubbing roots, increasingly people are cottoning on to the island’s many faces — it’s not all expensive bottles of water, sticky dancefloors and sunsets (though you can never really have too many of these). Indeed, to unearth the real charm of this fair Balearic isle requires getting off the beaten track where lush, rolling green hills and pine forests alive with the song of cicadas quieten the mind and ease the soul. There’s plenty

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  • LifestyleThe Telegraph

    The 11 best nightclubs in Ibiza

    Ibiza’s epicurean reputation is long entrenched — back in the Sixties it was a bohemian hotbed for a crowd whose penchant for free love and partying became legendary. In the decades that followed the clubbing scene ebbed and flowed but its prominence on the world stage held firm, and to this day Ibiza is considered the clubbing capital of the world. While the antiquated rave culture of yesteryear is no more, today the island’s superclubs command big international business and even bigger superst

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  • LifestyleThe Telegraph

    The 10 best bars in Ibiza

    It’s no secret that in Ibiza mischief lies around every corner, but so too does a multitude of bars, which can prove tricky when you’re trying to behave. Still, if you’re coming to the island of dance you should expect it to come with a healthy side of hedonism. What's the point of resisting? So, bar-hop through the cobbled streets of Ibiza Town, catch the quintessential Balearic sunset on the west coast, and sip on the flavours of the island’s bohemian heritage in the rural north. You can alway

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  • LifestyleThe Telegraph

    The 18 best restaurants in Ibiza

    These days Ibiza is renowned as much for its culinary prowess as it is for its clubbing scene, and rightly so. In recent years, a slew of world-class restaurants have popped up across the island, adding a much-needed dose of diversity to its culinary landscape. That’s great news for foodies, but purists needn’t be concerned — there are still plenty of toes-in-the-sand gems and rustic, countryside treasures to keep everyone happy. Presuming you can tear yourself away from the dancefloor for long

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  • LifestyleThe Telegraph

    The perfect weekend on Spain's hedonistic (yet heavenly) island

    Ibiza has exerted a potent pull on the world’s wandering spirits for centuries. The Carthaginians were the first settlers to be drawn to its shores, and in the ensuing years the Moors, the Romans and even pilfering pirates all took turns to stake their claim on this magnificent island in the Med.

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