Transform an old side table into handy storage

upcycle side table
Transform an old side table into handy storageJesse Wild - Hearst Owned

We would all love to have more storage in our homes. So why use your crafting skills to create beautiful new pieces of furniture with plenty of built-in storage?

Look no further than this side table upcycling project – the only requirement is that the table you pick has a drawer or box in it. Charity shops and antiques fairs are a great place to look.

Upcycling pieces of furniture is a great way to have a go at a sustainable crafting project and create something completely unique. Restoring or transforming furniture is a brilliant way to craft on a budget and give the pieces in your home a new lease of life.

TIP: Spend time finding inspiration, whether this be online – my favourite is Pinterest – or out and about. It’s good to have a visual of what style you are working towards.

You will need

How to make

1. As always, before you start anything, wipe down the surface you are going to paint. Remove any dust or dirt that will affect the final texture that you want to create.

2. I started on the bottom side of the toy box just to make it easier as I went along. Then I took a large flat paint brush and started sweeping the paint inside and down the legs. Spread the paint lightly and thinly, making sure you cover the whole piece evenly.

3. When you come to the small grooves or carved sections use a smaller, thinner brush so you’re able to get right into the small spaces. It takes a little more time but you will end up with a neater finish.

upcycle side table
Jesse Wild - Hearst Owned

4. In between layers you can use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

5. I wanted to achieve some depth in the paint affect so I used a white paint on top of the pink. Sweep the brush over the surface of the on the corners and legs, so not fully covering every surface. Remember not to add too much the first time round. If you want to add more make sure the first layer is dry, otherwise you’ll end up with a bobbled effect.

6. Now onto the last stage, waxing! I used clear wax applied with a cloth to seal the paint. This stops the paint from transferring as well as stopping the toy box from unwanted scratches and marks from little fingers. You can then buff the wax with a clean section of the cloth.

upcycle side table
Jesse Wild - Hearst Owned

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