The Traitors: viewers want this contestant to be 'murdered' next on BBC show

The Traitors is perhaps one of the best reality shows to land on our screens in years, and viewers have already become engrossed in the gripping drama. The premise is simple. A group of contestants work towards finding out who among them is one of the three 'traitors’, contestants who have been selected to 'murder' a fellow competitor every evening. If the traitors make it to the end, they win the prize money. Cue speculation, suspicion and paranoia!

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Following episode three, which saw innocent 'faithful' Imran go home after being falsely accused as a traitor, the atmosphere grew tense as John grew frustrated with a fellow faithful, Aaron, over his upset reaction to being accused of being a traitor. Following the exchange, viewers took to Twitter to suggest John should be the traitors’ next 'victim'.

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One person wrote: "The traitors better murder John as he’s horrible. Aaron is an angel and must be protected at all costs. #TheTraitors," while another person added: "What is wrong with me because I am so upset with the treatment of Aaron.


Will John be murdered next?

"I need John out, a nasty piece of work. Game or not, he’s in there with a human being and he’s giving him no chance to explain the fact he had a panic attack." A third person added: "Getting really into #TheTraitors used to dislike Aaron and like John, now I've totally switched! Leave Aaron alone, John [someone murder John quick]."

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Finally, another fan tweeted: "Ok Traitors, I don't know whether this will help your game, but would you please murder John...and then Theo. They were horrible to lovely Aaron and lovely Imran. Thanks. #TheTraitors." Do you think the traitors will win the series, or will the faithful prevail? We can’t wait to find out!

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