The Traitors viewers make same complaint about Claudia Winkleman's new BBC show

The Traitors made its debut on BBC One last night and viewers have taken to Twitter to make the same complaint about the new psychological reality competition.

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Fronted by Claudia Winkleman, the show sees 22 strangers arrive at an impressive castle in the Scottish Highlands where they take part in a game of "detection, backstabbing and trust" in a bid to win a huge cash prize of £120,000.

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Some viewers who tuned in on Tuesday night couldn't help but compare the programme to Netflix's reality game show, The Mole, which has a similar premise except there is only one saboteur, whose identity is concealed from the viewers until the very end.

One person tweeted: "The mistake of this show is revealing too early the identities of the traitors. Think it kills the suspense a bit. Would have been far better for us to guess along with the contestants. Other similar shows have the big, shock reveal near the end! They missed a trick!" while another added: "I thought they wouldn't tell us who the traitors were like Netflix’s The Mole. I wanted to play along and try to work out who they were!"

A third viewer wrote: "One of the things I liked about #TheMole was that the viewers didn’t know who it was. It was half the fun. Kind of think #TheTraitors missed a trick here."

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However, some viewers were more positive in their comparisons to The Mole, with one person writing: "#TheTraitors is giving Netflix’s The Mole which I loved! I’m excited," while another added: "#TheTraitors reminds me of The Mole - enjoying so far."

The Traitors contestants
The Traitors contestants

The series debuted on Tuesday night

It's safe to say that most people who watched the opening episode were glued to their screens and praised the show, particularly Claudia's role in the game. One person wrote: "Just watched the first episode of #TheTraitors and I'm sold. I've got a feeling now that the scene has been set, things are going to get really interesting. And Claudia has gone dark and I'm here for it!" while another added: "This show is so good so far! AND only watched the first episode! I have high hopes! Who knew Claudia could be evil! Lol."

A third tweeted: "Whoever decided to give Claudia Winkleman a call for #TheTraitors is an astounding genius."

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