The Traitors US viewers react to hilarious round table moment

the traitors us viewers creasing over hilarious round table moment
The Traitors US fans crease over round table sceneBBC

Contains spoilers

If you're anything like us, then you were probably mildly (ok, fully) obsessed with The Traitors on BBC at the end of last year. And thankfully, we haven't had to wait too long for a replacement, as the full season of the new The Traitors US is now streaming on BBC iPlayer.

There's a few differences with this new series, firstly there's a different host (hello Alan Cumming), a bigger prize fund, $250,000 to be exact, and half of the contestants are reality TV stars. However, the filming location and the concept of the show, the group of faithfuls working out who the traitors are, in order to win the prize fund, is exactly the same. They even do the same challenges too.

the traitors us viewers creasing over hilarious round table moment
Peacock - BBC

And just like the UK version, The Traitors US has been filled with hilarious moments that viewers can't stop tweeting about.

One such moment was in episode two when the cast assembled at the round table to vote for who they think the traitor is. The person with the most votes would then be banished from the castle.

Throughout the episode there were two names that kept cropping up - Michael and Geraldine. Whilst they are actually both faithfuls, their fellow team mates weren't so sure, and so they were both voted for as traitors.

Except, when it came to voting for Geraldine, it appears her cast members had a lot of trouble spelling her name. People were spelling it as "Jeryldean", "Geraldean", "Gerldine" and some just went with a nickname of "G".

Viewers found the moment hilarious with one person on Twitter saying: "How many variations of spelling of the name Geraldine have we been introduced to? #TraitorsUS."

Another questioned: "Just started watching Traitors US and I’m left wondering if Geraldine is more upset to be leaving or that her fellow contestants absolutely butchered the spelling of her name."

And another said: "Thoroughly enjoying the US version of The Traitors, particularly the moment Geraldine got banished by the group who couldn't even spell her name correctly!"

Despite the number of misspellings, it was ultimately Geraldine who was banished from the castle first.

Maybe it was the pressure of the moment that caused them all to spell her name wrong? Or maybe she was happy going by G?

Either way, this moment proves we are in for a very funny and chaotic viewing of The Traitors US.

The Traitors US is available on BBC iPlayer now.

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