The Traitors star Alex Gray issues plea after receiving 'mean comments' online

The Traitors star Alex Gray has spoken out on Twitter after receiving "mean comments" from viewers of the show.

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The 26-year-old presenter, who joined the game show along with her boyfriend Tom Elderfield, took to social media following Tuesday night's episode.

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"Don't mean to be preachy… but can I just remind everyone in the Twittersphere that the people you see on The Traitors ARE REAL PEOPLE with REAL EMOTION, and we do see your mean comments. So pls can we keep them to a minimum/not at all," she wrote.

"You're only seeing ONE HOUR out of a 16-hour day of filming. So much backstory and context is lost. You also don't realise how unbearably stressed, and sleep-deprived we were. No contact to the outside world and this becomes your only reality."

She added: "Placed into an induced state of paranoia, and anxiety makes people behave way out of their character. We only want good vibes pls!!! Feel free to give your opinion on the gameplay but don't make it personal or mean."

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Fans took to the comments section to show their support for the contestant, with one person writing: "You're great Alex - all of you are great. It's amazing TV, thank you for being part of it!" while another added: "It's making for very entertaining, gripping TV - well done to all of you! Can't wait for the next ep."

Tom and Alex in The Traitors
Tom and Alex in The Traitors

Tom revealed his relationship with Alex in Tuesday's episode

Alex's statement comes following Tuesday's instalment, which saw Tom expose the pair's relationship to the rest of the group.

Defending his girlfriend after her position in the game came under threat, Tom said: "Guys straight up, this is a lot. Obviously, we've got three people on the line here, I love you all, Alex isn't a traitor straight up, she's my girlfriend."

He added: "She is a Faithful 100 per cent, I am Faithful 100 per cent."

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