The Traitors returns for a new series next week -featuring Love Island winner

The Traitors
-Credit: (Image: BBC)

Cloaked celebrities return to the legendary Scottish castle for a game of detection, backstabbing as The Traitors returns for a brand-new series.

The second American season of the show will air on BBC Three next week - beginning on Wednesday 12 June. Alan Cumming will take Claudia Winkleman’s place as host and will welcome 22 contestants to compete in games and gruelling roundtables all in the hope of winning a cash prize.

As it’s the US series, most of the celebrities won’t be well-known to a UK audience. However, there is one woman who is a familiar face to anyone who is a fan of reality series Love Island - as she won it in 2022.

The Traitors
The Traitors US season two will air on BBC Three -Credit:Peacock TV LLC/Euan Cherry

Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu will appear in the series alongside many US celebs from faces from Real Housewives to The Bachelor, RuPaul’s Drag Race - as well as UK Parliamentary Speaker John Bercow.

Ekin-Su won Love Island two years ago with Davide Sanclimenti - but the couple have since broken up, and announced their split in January this year. But since their Love Island win, Ekin-Su has been busy with appearances on Dancing on Ice and most recently, Celebrity Big Brother.

It’s been revealed that Ekin-Su will play a ‘Faithful’ in The Traitors. As for where she places in the competition all will be revealed as the episodes air on BBC Three.

The series has already aired in the US and Ekin-Su spoke to Cosmopolitan about her time in the castle.

Ekin-Su revealed: “I wish I had been more clever and more strategic. When I went they asked me, ‘Do you have a game plan?’ I said, ‘No, I know how people lie.’ I should have had a proper strategic plan and looked at patterns from the past seasons’ winners.

“But I guess I was there enjoying the fact that I was living in a castle with Americans and a murder mystery. It's like everything I love, quirky, so I was really in the moment. I think you need to be more awake in these sorts of games and have your strategic plan ready before you can step into the castle.”

The Traitors
Ekin-Su is a selected as a 'faithful' on The Traitors

She might have already left the castle - but Ekin-Su is keen to return already. “Mate. If I go back on there, I'm going to be brutal this time. I won't be just this nice girl. I would be a bitch on that program.”

Watch The Traitors US on Wednesday 12 June, 7pm, BBC Three