TOWIE's Lauren Goodger Tells Grazia About Her Body: 'I Feel Forced To Diet'

Grazia1 May 2012

You may or may not watch TOWIE, but you’ll probably be aware of Lauren Goodger – and whether, at the moment, she’s perceived to be‘fat’ or ‘thin’. In the new issue of Grazia, Lauren exclusively reveals how it feels to have her body discussed on a daily basis.

TOWIE's Lauren Goodger Talks About Her Body in the New Issue of Grazia: 'I Feel Forced To Diet'
TOWIE's Lauren Goodger Talks About Her Body in the New Issue of Grazia: 'I Feel Forced To Diet'

At the time of Lauren's interview with Grazia, a flurry of tabloid headlines suggested she’s on the verge of leaving The Only Way Is Essex after a row with the show’s producers. She’s under strict instructions not to talk about it, but it isn’t at the forefront of her mind anyway. Instead, she’s scrolling down her crystal-covered smartphone, looking at pictures of herself on a gossip website. ‘I shouldn’t, but sometimes I can’t help myself,’ she says.

Since being flung into the public eye, Lauren’s coped with incredible scrutiny – much of it focused on her weight. At 25 years old, 5ft 6in and a size 10/12, Lauren is a slim girl. ‘There’s this weird fascination with my size,’ she says.‘I am curvy, and my weight goes up and down – but from day one, the attention always seems to have been on me. It does get you down. I think people forget I’m a real person with feelings.’ It really is extraordinary. Last week, on one website alone, there was a near-daily update on how much weight Lauren had supposedly lost (she’s currently on a one-meal-a-day diet).

Pick up the latest issue of Grazia to read about the time Lauren was reduced to tears following her appearance at the National Television Awards and her aim of dropping two dress sizes. Get thee to a newstand pronto!

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