The Tourist's Jamie Dornan gives major details from series 2 and we can't wait

The Tourist star Jamie Dornan has shared some exciting details about the upcoming second season of the popular BBC drama.

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The thriller series had just about everyone talking when it first premiered in January this year, telling the story of 'The Man' who wakes up with amnesia following a car accident in the Australian outback.

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Chatting about the upcoming series, which is expected to be released sometime next year, Jamie revealed that it could take place before season one.

"It’s difficult to talk about without spoiling the ending of season one, but all I’ll say is there’s an appetite for it," he told

"There are conversations about how you continue the story – is it set before or after what we’ve already seen? It’s definitely all up for discussion. I really like playing the character and I think there’s more to explore," he added.

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Series one ended on a major cliffhanger which [spoiler alert!] saw Elliott take a drug overdose after his criminal past was exposed.

Jamie Dornan as Elliott in The Tourist
Jamie Dornan as Elliott in The Tourist

Jamie Dornan plays Elliott in The Tourist

The character was racked with guilt after a woman named Lena Pascal visited him, revealing that she was one of Elliott's trafficking victims. He had forced her to smuggle bags of heroin into Australia by swallowing them into her stomach. The drugs were then cut out by one of his colleagues, leaving a horrendous scar.

She also revealed that two other women he had used as drug mules died on the plane after the bags exploded in their stomachs.

Just as he is falling asleep after taking the overdose, Helen sends him a text message of a burrito emoji, which was previously said to be Elliott's 'happy place'. Elliott smiles and the credits roll.

Fans will have to wait until season two to discover whether Elliott managed to survive the seemingly fatal dose.

The Tourist is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

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