The Tourist: viewers all saying the same thing about episode five

The BBC's latest mystery drama, The Tourist, continued with its penultimate episode on Sunday night and viewers are all saying the same thing about the series.

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The latest instalment saw Elliot make a huge breakthrough about his past during an unsettling mental journey while Luci's true identity and relation to Kostas was finally revealed.

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Viewers took to Twitter to comment on the episode, calling it "strange" and "crazy". One person wrote: "A strange but really good episode of #TheTourist again tonight. Gutted it’s the last one next week," while another added: "Well, #TheTourist was slightly hard to follow but enjoyable nevertheless."

A third person wrote: "Episode five was completely crazy and it all still worked."

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Other viewers were left disappointed by the episode, with one person writing: "Well #TheTourist better pull it out of the bag next week as this episode was bonkers," while another added: "Well this has gone a bit weird."


Elliot made a huge breakthrough about his past in the latest episode

Many fans also took so social media to praise the interesting episode, with one person tweeting: "Glad I watched episode five of #TheTourist. An Interesting and innovative way to start resolving all the strands. Bit oddball but credit for taking the risk of being different," while another added: "Really enjoying the show. Can’t believe it’s the last episode next week. A great character-led drama that makes me care about everyone in some way."

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Some viewers also compared the show to the American mystery-horror series Twin Peaks. One person tweeted: "A weirdly wonderful episode of #TheTourist. Plenty of twists and turns and a nice Twin Peaks vibe off it tonight," while another agreed, writing: "It’s getting very Twin Peak-y. Expecting Laura Palmer to appear any minute! #TheTourist."


Viewers learnt more about Elliot's love interest, Luci

For those who have yet to catch up on the BBC's latest drama, it is set in the Australian outback and follows Jamie Dornan's character, a British man who finds himself being pursued by a tank truck on a desolate road. After waking up with amnesia due to a major car accident, he must piece together the events of recent days to establish his identity.

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