Tories Accused Of 'Rank Hypocrisy' After Gavin Williamson Anti-Bullying Video Emerges

The Tory government was accused of “rank hypocrisy” today after a video emerged of Gavin Williamson saying “bullying is never acceptable”.

Video transcript

GAVIN WILLIAMSON: This week, anti-bullying week, is a chance to Thank schools and teachers for everything they do to make the classroom a safe place for every child to thrive. Bullying is never acceptable. Every school must have anti-bullying policies in place so that no pupil fears coming to school or working online. I want children to be able to celebrate their differences and what makes each of them unique. That's why we have ambitious plans to improve behavior in every school, backing headteachers to make classrooms calm disciplined places that bring out the best in every pupil.

And we're taking forward plans to make the internet a safer place for all users, especially children. With so much of life this year having gone virtual, our new relationships education is teaching children how to respect others and to stay safe online. Working together, we can make sure every child grows up feeling confident and free to be themselves and stamp out bullying.