Tori Spelling has COVID-19: 'Our entire family got it'

Tori Spelling at the Helping Hand of Los Angeles event credit:Bang Showbiz
Tori Spelling at the Helping Hand of Los Angeles event credit:Bang Showbiz

Tori Spelling’s “entire family” are battling COVID-19.

The ‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ alum took to social media on Friday (07.01.22) to confirm “every single member” of her family – including her husband Dean McDermott and their children, 14-year-old Liam, 13-year-old Stella, 10-year-old Hattie, nine-year-old Finn, and four-year-old Beau – have tested positive for the virus.

She posted on Instagram: “I share a lot on social media, but this is one thing I didn’t want to share … But, at this point people are getting frustrated not getting responses personally and business wise from me and wondering why I’m MIA so I finally decided to share.

“Our entire family has COVID. Yes, every single member got it. We all have varying degrees of symptoms. I was last to be symptomatic. We all were praying it was just a bad winter cold. But it wasn’t. (sic)”

Tori didn’t go into detail about how severe her symptoms are, but said she could “barely function” and was struggling to “care for” her sick children while being under the weather herself.

She added: “Nothing is worse than wanting to care for your little ones but feeling so sick you can barely function yourself. I feel useless as a parent. Devastated. A mom is supposed to take care of their kiddos when sick. That’s how it works. (sic)”

The 48-year-old actress is confident her family will “get through” the virus, thanks to the help of her friends who have been dropping off “care packages”.

She wrote: “But, we are all getting thru this together. I know we aren’t alone. So many are going thru this as well. Have gone they thru this. And, will go thru this.

“Thank you to my friend Chrissy @goodcarmacree who immediately dropped a care package of vitamins at our front door when she heard. So grateful to you!

“And, if I’m not responding please understand. Give me some time. We are right in the thick of it. #covidsucks (sic)”