The Toppings That Set Dominican Hot Dogs Apart From The Rest

hot dog with cabbage and corn
hot dog with cabbage and corn - Ale02/Shutterstock

From classic ballpark franks to the very specifically prepared Chicago-style hot dog and all the different versions in between, there's a hot dog out there to satisfy just about anyone. Generally speaking, the standard setup of a hot dog includes a sausage-shaped protein in a bun, though this is not always the case. That said, it often comes down to the unique choices of toppings that distinguish different regional and world styles of hot dogs from one another. With Dominican hot dogs, this is absolutely true. Looking at the rich combination of flavors among veggies and sauces that top a Dominican hot dog, it's easy to see why this style is so very unique and irresistibly tasty.

One interesting topping common to Dominican hot dogs is cooked cabbage, often boiled in a mixture of tomato consomme and chicken bouillon, giving it a distinct flavor. In some recipes, the hot dogs are cooked in this seasoned cabbage water first before being removed, dried of excess water, and placed in a plain hot dog bun to await toppings. Other veggie toppings frequently include cooked corn and onions, with the onions often being cooked with the cabbage and hot dogs. With Dominican hot dogs, there's no skimping on toppings whatsoever. When it comes to sauces and other go-withs, generous portions of ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, chopped bacon, and cheese adorn the bun and are layered over and over to ensure optimal coverage.

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Dominican Hot Dogs Are At The Top Of The Toppings Game

Dominican hot dogs
Dominican hot dogs - The Messy Kitchen/YouTube

The myriad of region-specific hot dog styles in the United States is staggering, each one sporting a certain set of toppings and methods of preparation that make them special. Dominican hot dogs are no expectation with a vibrant mix of colorful toppings that set them apart from the rest. One especially interesting note about the preparation and topping of Dominican-style hot dogs is the repeated layering of sauces both in the bun as well as on top of the hot dog once it's been covered in a variety of crunchy, soft, sweet, and savory toppings. While many might balk at the inclusion of mayonnaise and ketchup, it's definitely a staple condiment for topping Dominican hot dogs.

Further, the cooked cabbage is a departure from the typical "raw" coleslaw frequently used as a topping on hot dogs and deli sandwiches alike. Giving a boost to cabbage by cooking it is a handy way of upgrading your coleslaw just as much as it is acting as a tasty topping on a hot dog. Changing the cabbage to a softer consistency rather than a crunchy one makes for a great mouthfeel and interplay of different textures among the other elements of cheese, corn, crisp bacon, and heavy sauces. It definitely gives the feeling of a party in one's mouth with anyone fun enough to indulge in a Dominican hot dog at the top of the guest list.

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