Top tips for taming stress


From work to family commitments, life is super busy for everyone.

But whether you are struggling with stress or feeling overtired, there are many ways we can give ourselves a little TLC over the course of the day.

Jo Webber, herbal education lead at Pukka Herbs, has offered up some top tips for forming healthy habits and implementing positive routines into your day.

Write it down

Physically putting pen to paper can be really helpful in a variety of ways.

"Journaling to document your feelings and emotions can help to rationalise and improve moods, while keeping a daily or weekly to-do list can be an effective way of maintaining clarity on a busy lifestyle by tracking daily actions and being more productive as a result," she noted. "Taking this a step further, many of us are very visually minded, and creating vision boards for any long-term goals or life planning can be a handy tool to enable clearer sight on long-term thinking and reflection."

Schedule regular breaks

Taking breaks increases feelings of relaxation and calm.

"How often do the minutes pass by and you've wondered how quickly time has gone?" the expert asked. "It might be time to make a more regimented plan to take frequent breaks throughout the day - so you can actively remember to. Try either setting reminders on your smartphone or, at work, block out regular 10-minute slots in your schedule."

Connect with nature

When taking these breaks, spending time outdoors is crucial to helping with your mental and physical health.

"With how much we all live in the digital world now, it is all too easy to forget that humans are part of nature, so it stands to reason that we must take the time to connect with it as often as possible. Even just taking 10 minutes to have a cup of tea outside between meetings or chores and looking at the sky gives your body a reset," said Jo.

Drink herbal teas

Rather than drinking another cup of coffee or black tea, consider making a cup of peppermint or chamomile tea.

"Herbs are proven to have complementary benefits within our diet, and herbal tea has been consumed for thousands of years around the world for its benefits on many different aspects of the body - from support of the immune system to mood," said Jo, referring to research undertaken by analysts for the herbal tea company which found that over a quarter of people who drink herbal teas believe it helps them to sleep better.

Take up meditation

Regular meditation can provide mental rest, giving us the chance to recharge.

"This ancient practice can take many forms, but it is advised to have at least five to 20 minutes to experience an effect," she added.