Top tips for improving balance

Many of us will be familiar with the feeling of becoming off-balance during a jog or toppling to one side during a yoga class.

But no matter your age or level of fitness, it is possible to achieve better balance through exercise.

"We often take our balance for granted, but if you think about it, how would we walk or sit up without our balance? It's usually neglected due to the typical activities that train your balance - such as yoga and gymnastics - often being branded as 'too hard' or boring! When in reality, anyone can (and should) do it," commented Charlotte Williams, personal trainer at FitKit ( "Balance is a skill and can be practised and improved upon. Exercises that involve single-sided movements, such as lunges, train our balance and require a strong core. Following on from this, balance and strength go hand-in-hand when exercising."

Charlotte went on to explain that lunges are a good place to start, as with consistent training, you can find the stability to control the movement under more resistance.

In addition, functional equipment such as kettlebells and dumbbells can be really good options for improving balance.

"They allow you to train unilaterally (using one side of the body) and, therefore, strengthen the core and balance. Equipment is not always necessary when training balance though, as consistency and form take priority over weight," she continued.

Other forms of exercise that can benefit balance include sets of squats and leg raises, as well as classes such as Tai Chi, yoga, and Pilates.