Top 10 expert tips for staying healthy in the office

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If you’re struggling to get through the day without an afternoon slump, it’s time to take your workplace health into your own hands. 

We've all been guilty of feeling knackered when you get into the office, sluggish after a big lunch or reaching for the biscuits at 3pm but hopefully these tips can help.

Whether it’s making sure you take regular breaks, getting active in your lunch break or generally just having a chat with your colleagues, we spoke to experts at The Office Group about how to stay healthy in the office.

1 Take regular breaks

It's easy to stay sat on your desk working overtime, but in reality working long hours is stressful on the body and just makes you feel tired. Try and get 10 minutes of fresh air when you can, whether it's on a roof terrace or balcony - or simply move into a more relaxed break-out area or canteen instead.

2 Move around the office

Changing your view of the office can change your whole perspective on work when you really need it. If you’re stuck with a problem and not getting anywhere, try working from somewhere else in the office to help make you more creative.

3 Do something nice for a colleague

Random acts of workplace kindness are few and far between - but they can really help to boost morale.  You could make a random lunchtime visit to the local bakery, offer to make a colleague a cup of tea or pay them an off-the-cuff compliment? Just think how great you'd feel if it was the other way round.

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4 Get involved

Spread the feel-good factor by joining in on fundraising activities like bake sales and fun runs. OK so it sounds like a lot of effort - but it helps to bring you and your colleagues together and you're doing something for charity as well.

5 Have fun at work

Who said work has to be boring? Play can help you relax and stimulate the brain – and it develops your problem-solving abilities. Spend five or ten minutes having a friendly game of ping-pong with a colleague to get those brain juices flowing ready for the afternoon.

6 Treat yourself to a massage

A lunchtime visit to your local masseuse can help to reduce stress and lift your spirits – it’s even been found to boost mental health. Having some time for yourself can really make you more productive.

7 Make yourself at home

Decorate your desk with some home comforts like flowers or family photos. It will brighten up your personal ‘space’ and make you smile when you’re having an afternoon lull - which we all have.

8 Get active

Boost your energy with a lunchtime exercise class, a quick run on the treadmill or a brisk walk around the block. If you’d rather not get sweaty for your afternoon shift, relaxing exercises such as yoga and pilates are an easy way for you to unwind at lunchtime.

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9 Spark conversation

Offices don’t have to be completely silent so why not start chatting to a colleague? Interacting with other staff makes the workplace feel less formal – and a chatty office is a happy office. We can vouch for that!

10 Work hard, play harder

If all else fails - give yourself something to look forward to after work. Whether it’s a round of friendly drinks, an evening class or simply watching your favourite boxset with a glass of wine, it’s sure to boost your spirits for the rest of the day. 

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