This top-rated windscreen cover protects from frost and is a morning time-saver

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Winter frozen back car window, texture freezing ice glass background
Here's how to stop your windscreen from looking like this in the morning. (Getty Images)

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We’re dreaming of a white Christmas... but having to clear heaps of snow or ice off our windshields tends to make it feel like more of a nightmare.

You’re standing there, freezing, with your breath rising into the air in front of you - and quite likely an wriggling child in the back or impatient adult in the passenger seat - trying to scrape as fast and as efficiently as you can.

Not only does it feel decidedly un-festive, it also delays your journey - and feels like a waste of time when you can could be enjoying the festivities.

Luckily though, this struggle needn’t be a part of your life for much longer, because we’ve found just the gadget to make clearing frosty windscreens a thing of the past.

The FREESOO Windscreen Frost Protector costs just £18.89 on Amazon and shields the window from frost/snow/ice build up in the winter, meaning you can just whip it off and get going.

The aluminium foil surface layer and high quality flame retardant cotton inside also help to regulate your car temperature in the summer when it’s parked in the sun - a life-saver if you have leather seats.

Buy it: FREESOO Windscreen Frost Protector | £18.89 from Amazon

(Amazon/ FREESOO)
(Amazon/ FREESOO)

We’re not the only ones who think this simple product (which comes in three different sizes) is genius.

With almost 4,000 reviews, customers have taken the time to spread the good news about this handy product - many dubbing it an "absolute life-saver". 

Shoppers "love" the quality and were impressed that it worked with any size or style of car, as well as how it was "strong enough" to maintain its shape. 

Many lamented the fact that they hadn't come across the product sooner as they now "couldn't live" without it. 

And while we’re on the topic of driving in winter, this ‘Winter Car Kit’ is a set of vital products that allows you to be ready in case of any unexpected poor weather and unforeseen roadside emergencies.

We’ve never felt more prepared.

Buy it: AA Winter Car Kit | £18.23 from Amazon

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