The Top 12 Toys For Christmas 2018 In The UK, According To Hamleys

It’s getting colder and darker which can only mean one thing: it’s nearly Christmas. Okay, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but shops have already started focusing their efforts on what we’re going to buy this festive season.

So if you’re wondering what’s going to be on your kids’ lists this year, this could put you ahead of the game. Hamleys has released its top 12 toys for Christmas, featuring some classics (LEGO) and new arrivals we predict will be big (Crate Creatures).

The shortlist comes after months of researching and planning by the Hamleys toy buyers and features prices from as little as £8, to as much as £80. 

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“We have cute, we have cuddly, we have fun, we have education, but this year in some of our toy categories we are also seeing an antidote to the highly polished perfectionism portrayed in many social media channels,” said Victoria Kay, head buyer at Hamleys.

Find the 12 toys (in no particular order) in the slideshow below. 

TY Flippables

Remember beanie babies? They're back, but this time with sequins. Stroke the plush toy one way to reveal one sequin colour, then to other way to reveal another.
Price: £8
Ages: 3+
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Think modern day marble run. It's aimed to be educational as it focuses on STEM subjects, playing with gravity and kinetic energy. Kids build their own run and see if their marble can make it to the finish line.
Price: £50
Ages: 8+
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L.O.L Surprise Dolls

These dolls come hidden in a shell split into separate compartments. You can only unlock the shell surrounding the doll using code cards you find tucked in to each compartment. Once you've unlocked the accessories, you can unlock the doll, take off her cover, and dress her up.
Price: £15
Ages: 6+
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Elasti Plasti

It's slime... without the stickiness. It comes in different colours, you can stretch it as far as you want, and it makes a rude noise when you put in back in the pot. Lovely. 
Price: £13
Ages: 5+
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Crate Creatures

As the name suggests, it's a creature trapped in a crate that makes fun noises and has glowing eyes. You can unlock the crate to play with the creature - if you record your voice, they'll play it back in a monster voice. Creepy.
Price: £40
Ages: 4+
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LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express

Get your kids (but also secretly you) to build and step aboard the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express from King's Cross. The set comes with mini figures of Harry, Hermione and Ron - it's basically every wizard fan's dream.
Price: £75
Ages: 8+
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These collectible dolls have a "big hair, don't care" attitude and come in this scene-setting box. Unlock the surprises on the left to get her accessories, then reveal which doll you have on the right.
Price: £15
Ages: 3+
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Paddington Bear

Who doesn't want a cuddly, plush Paddington Bear teddy?! He's 28cm tall, has his signature blue duffel coat and of course, his swing tag. What a cutie.
Price: £30
Ages: 0+
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Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Everyone cheats in Monopoly, right? In this edition, rules are bent, money is stolen and funny business is welcomed. You can also get an exclusive Hamleys edition of Monopoly this year, which takes you on a trip around their seven floors.
Price: £22
Ages: 8+
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Nerf Laser Ops

This one will please parents: instead of having a Nerf toy that fires out foam arrows, these new ones rely totally on lasers, so there's no picking them up off the floor. Even better there's a single player option if your little one doesn't have siblings to play with.
Price: £45
Ages: 8+
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Peppa Pig Castle And Royal Guard Plush

Your child's favourite TV character is now available dressed up as a castle guard or the Queen's guard because, well, why not?
Price: £25
Ages: 18 months +
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Boxer Robot

This mini robot reacts to senses around him, so he'll follow your hands if you want him to move. You can also play loads of games with the robot - he just needs to roll over an activity card to scan it to know what to do.
Price: £80
Ages: 6+
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1. I-Top

An electronic spinning top that counts the number of revolutions and keeps track of scores so you can try and beat each other. 
Price: £14.99

2. Nerf Laser Alpha

The latest in the Nerf guns, where you can play head-to-head battles. Each blaster fires single-shot bursts and they register with lights and sounds.
Price: £29.99 - £49.99

3. John Lewis My First Scooter

The latest scooter from John Lewis has a low deck for stability and is suitable from kids age three and upwards.
Price: £49.99

4. LEGO Technics Bugatti Chiron

Build your own LEGO supercar, with a whopping 3,599 pieces.
Price: £329.99

5. Ricky The Trick Lovin’ Pup – Furreal Buzz

This dog can perform cool tricks: he flips his bone, shakes his paws, and can even bark a tune. 
Price: £134.99

6. Mini Waitrose Supermarket

Your kids can play "shops" at their very own Waitrose supermarket. 
Price: £45.00

7. Mini John Lewis Kitchen

Teach the little ones their way round a kitchen with this mini delight. 
Price: £59.00

8. LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train

Kids can build and create their own train set, then become the train driver with the push and go motor on this LEGO creation.
Price: £99.99

9. GraviTrax

This toy allows kids to freestyle and build their own track design, then work out if the gravity spheres are stopping or flying off before reaching the end target. It’s an innovative toy to encourage kids to get into STEM. 
Price: £49.99

10. Tech Will Save Us Coder Kit

Kids will get to learn new skills with this toy that can be coded in infinite ways to create different light patterns.
Price: £54.99

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