These Are The Top 10 Things Parents Would Like To Hear Their Children Say

Every parent knows the power of hearing your child’s first word: that heart-fluttering moment where a simple grunt has never sounded so exciting.

But after they add a few more to their vocabulary, the novelty starts to wear off a little and you find yourself wishing they’d say certain things more than others.

Now research has found the top 10 things that parents wish they would hear from their children. 

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According to the BBC, research of 1,000 parents by communications app ClassDojo, uncovered the top phrases parents of primary-age children long to hear from their offspring.

1. “The toys are all tidied away completely and put in the right boxes.”

It’s no surprise that 35% of parents wanted their children to start tidying up after themselves. Bonus points for anyone who puts the Lego away.

2. “Let me tell you about what I learnt at school today.”

How many times have you got to the school gate, eager to hear what your little one has been doing all day (while you’ve been missing them), and you’ve just been met with ‘nothing’ in response. You’re not alone as 27% of parents said getting information out of their children was like getting ‘blood out of a stone’.

3. “I’ve got myself ready, so I can go to bed early.”

Even when you get home from school there is still a regimented routine - homework, dinner, bath - to make sure everyone gets to bed on time. But what about if your child did that for themselves?

4. “Thank you for tidying my room.”

Hold on, we might need to sit down to hear this one. 

5. “I’ve put all my clothes in the laundry basket.”

Is it really too much to ask to just want someone else to put their dirty underwear in the laundry basket? Don’t worry because the washing fairy will do it eventually.

6. “Would you like to see how well I’ve done my homework?”

Instead of having to plead with them to see the value of doing homework on time (and without a fight), parents would love to hear their children say that it is already completed.

7. “I think I’ve watched enough TV for one day.”

This would definitely be preferable to an ongoing argument about the virtues of endless Peppa Pig. 

8. “I’ve already packed my school bag with everything I need for tomorrow.”

No more forgotten PE kit or hearing as you walk out of the door that they actually needed that costume for today, not next week.

9. “There’s a letter in my school bag that you should probably read.”

It would save parents rummaging around trying to find three-week old information.

10. “I can see you’re on the phone, so I’m going to play quietly.”

Oh, parents you can dream.


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