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Woodstock, New York

Airbnb is a goldmine when it comes to unusual travel spots. For instance, this image was taken inside a modern treehouse near Woodstock in New York. Unsurprisingly, it soon earned 70,000 likes. [Photo: Airbnb]

After an affordable getaway? Airbnb's most-liked destination list has landed

Danielle Fowler
Freelance Writer

With heavy snow set to blanket the nation tonight, we’re busy plotting a quick getaway huddled over our third coffee of the afternoon.

Thankfully, Airbnb has swooped in with some much-needed inspiration and we can finally see the end of January in sight.

For the second year running, the travel site has revealed the top 10 most-liked photographs on its Instagram account – a sneaky way to unveil the trendiest hot spots to add to our wanderlust list.

Snapped by guests, the images prove we crave breathtaking views whilst jet-setting with everything from the Californian Mojave desert to a New York treehouse raking in the likes.

Interestingly, four of the 10 most popular images were taken nearby Airbnb’s very own Italian Sabbatical – where you can apply to become a temporary resident.

From a seriously gram-worthy bathtub overlooking Lake Wakatipu to a relaxing spot in Marrakech, look no further for the places to add to your 2019 bucket list.

See you there?